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'NCIS: New Orleans' Fans React after Christopher LaSalle Is Fatally Shot

Comfort Omovre
Nov 08, 2019
03:30 A.M.
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The fans of the "NCIS: New Orleans" show is in no way pleased with its current episode. After the death of a favorite character, they took to the internet to pour out their anger.


The fans of the show, "NCIS: New Orleans" are furious as agent Christopher Laselle died after sustaining a bullet wound.

Lucas Black as Special Agent Christopher LaSalle | Photo: Getty Images


While some fans blurted out that they felt nothing but anger following the manner in which the "NCIS: NOLA, Matthew 5:9" episode ended, others were quick to suggest the end of the entire season.

More tweets also signified that Christopher Laselle was what attracted a large fanbase for the program, and now that he is no more, the show will not thrive like it used to.

Some of the fans were angry, rather than hurt. Words from one of such angry fans read:

"I am very upset too, I can't believe it. I am in shock. I was hoping it was a dream that Pride was having, but apparently not."


Another fan tweeted:

"This must be the final season. Has to be. It's not worth watching without Lasalle."


While another wrote:

"I am beyond pissed right now…"

Lucas Black starred as a skilled special agent, Christopher Laselle, in over five seasons and 125 episodes of the show, and the news of his passing was a somewhat bitter pill to swallow.


The character garnered love from fans off and on screen. While he strove to bring to book a drug cartel, he also wanted to avenge the death of his brother. So apart from doing his job as a devoted law enforcement agent, he was keen on family values and looking out for his own.

Lucas Black shared an emotional post on "LaSalle's" departure. He revealed that playing the role made him appreciate the military more and also thanked his fans and co-stars.

Although Lucas recently left the ABC show, it doesn't mean he took a break off acting, as he will be starring in next year's "Fast and Furious" release.

Agent LaSalle's skillful delivery of role earned him the hearts of many, and even though he was bound to take bullets due to his line of work, fans attached emotions to his character and hated to see him die.