Daily Joke: Woman Explains Why Had a TV Remote in Her Purse

People carry all sorts of things in their bags and pockets, from makeup products to emergency survival gear. But sometimes, odd things wind up in the bags, which is quite hard to explain. Here's a joke about a woman explaining why she was carrying around a TV remote.

A woman was shopping at a mall and reached the checkout with a basket full of items. The cashier scanned the items and said, "Cash, change, or charge?" As the woman fumbled in her purse, the cashier noticed a TV remote inside. 

A supermarket | Source: Unsplash.com

A supermarket | Source: Unsplash.com

Thinking it would be too imposing, the cashier held their curiosity. However, the explanation was bound to be amazing, so they asked the woman about it.


The cashier mustered up the courage and asked, "Do you always carry your remote around?" The woman smiled and said, "Only during certain circumstances." 

A television remote | Source: Unsplash.com

A television remote | Source: Unsplash.com

The cashier was baffled at her response, so they asked again, "What exactly are those circumstances?" The woman handed her card over and said, "I asked my husband to come along for shopping with me. He said he'd rather stay home."


The woman let out a chuckle before continuing, "I figured he'd be watching TV anyway, and this was the evilest thing I could do to him."

Source: jokesoftheday

In a similar supermarket joke, a husband decided to accompany his wife but lost her somewhere between the aisles. His way of finding her is pure genius. 


An older man approached a younger, attractive woman working at the supermarket. He said, "Excuse me. I can't seem to find my wife. Can you talk to me for a couple of minutes?" 

The woman was surprised at the man's request. She asked him, "I would be more than happy to talk to you, sir. But how would talking to you help find your wife?"


The old man then smiled and said, "I have no idea where she might be at the time. But whenever I talk to a pretty and young woman like yourself, she appears out of nowhere."

Source: upjoke

Here's another hilarious joke about a checkout clerk who asked a woman if he had an air miles card with her.

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