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Courteney Cox Has 'Friends' Mini-Reunion with On-Screen Husband Matthew Perry in a Rare Photo

Tichafa Chidzonga
Nov 08, 2019
01:30 P.M.
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Cast mates celebrate a mini "Friends" reunion, as Courteney Cox reunites with her former on screen flame, Mathew Perry take a selfie together.


"Friends" on screen couple, Monica Gellar played by Courteney Cox and Matthew Perry's character, Chandler Bing reunited for a selfie. Using her famous "I know!" catchphrase from the sitcom, Cox says:

"Guess who I had lunch with today....I KNOW!! Could I BE any happier? #realfriends."


A month ago Courteney shared another selfie with her friends co-stars, after her enjoying a night in with Instagram newcomer, Jennifer Aniston and her other co-star, Matt LeBlanc. Celebrating the latest reunion, Aniston gushes:


Jennifer Aniston comments on a selfie of Courtney Cox and Mathew Perry | Source:


Envying the moment between her co-stars, Lisa Kudrow, who played the quirky Phoebe Bouffe admires the moment with her friends and adds:

"Lucky lucky. #beautifulpeople."

Lisa Kudrow comments on a selfie of Courtney Cox and Mathew Perry | Source:


It has been 25 years since the hit sitcom aired on and fans still can’t get enough of seeing their favourite "Friends" co-stars together, whether it is on screen or off screen.

In the past month, the co-stars have made regular appearances on each other's Instagram pages, leaving many fans with questions about the possibility of the cast reuniting on screen again.


Speaking to singer Charlie Puth and Ellen DeGeneres about the co-stars reunion pictures on social media, Jennifer disputes any claims about a "Friends" reboot and hints at a mystery project she says:

"Like a reboot? No." She adds, "listen, we would love for there to be something, but we don't know what that something is. So we're just trying. We're working on something."


A suspicious Ellen tried to get more details out of Jennifer about the "something" they are working on, to which Jennifer justifies their reunion saying:

"We did that because we miss each other. We all happened to be in the same part of the world."

Since ending their time on "Friends" the cast have pursued successful roles in movies and sitcoms.

However, Matthew who has dealt with addiction and health issues has shied away from the public. According to PEOPLE in August 2018, he was left bed ridden for 3 months after a gastrointestinal perforation left him seriously ill.