Bode Miller's Wife Morgan Beck Paid Emotional Tribute to Late Daughter Emmy on Her Birthday

Morgan Miller honored her late daughter with a tearful tribute on her supposed birthday, 16 months after she drowned.

Bode and Morgan Miller lost their daughter Emmy after she accidentally drowned in 2018. The toddler was supposed to turn three today, which her mother remembered with a heartfelt tribute on Instagram.


Morgan posted two photos of her late daughter on November 5, with the first snap of her Emmy as an infant and the second as a toddler wearing a pink dress. She wrote:

“Happy birthday baby girl. Today would have been your 3rd birthday. We miss you so much."

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Almost one year ago, on June 10th, @nicolehughes8 and I became accidental advocates for water safety when we both endured a parent’s worst nightmare...we lost our babies to drowning. Since then, we have partnered with the aap @healthychildrenaap along with many other incredible organizations to eliminate this preventable tragedy. In an effort to protect parents hearts and families futures from enduring one of life’s unthinkable events, we continue to spread awareness. Did you know that drowning is the NUMBER ONE cause of death for children under 5? Did you know that most drownings happen during non swim times when you think your baby is playing on the family room floor? With a holiday weekend quickly approaching, be vigilant, be aware and be a voice to spread awareness. Do not rely on the visual stimulation of water to trigger your awareness. Wishing everyone a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend! #Drowning #DrowningPrevention #WaterSafety #PoolSafety #HealthyChildren #Parents #Parenthood #Parenting #InstaParenting #ParentingTips #baby #babies #child #children #kids #toddler #toddlers #MemorialDay #HolidayWeekend

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Morgan recently gave birth to twin boys who joined her two kids, Nach and Easton. The Olympic skier is also a father of two kids from his previous relationship.

Despite having kids, Morgan still keeps little Emmy on her mind, which often reflects on her Instagram posts.

Last week, the mom-of-two posted about her little girl during an afternoon out with her four-year-old son Nash. She captured a rainbow above Emmy's pictures on the wall and said:

"You guys! Did anyone else see this rainbow orb over her pictures? My baby girl is seriously everywhere."

Screenshot of Instagram story. | Source:

Screenshot of Instagram story. | Source:


Last August, Morgan again posted about her daughter as she penned a reflection about losing a child while pregnant with her son, Easton. She shared:

"Losing a child while pregnant was the most confusing experience of my life. The conflict of emotions from what was pure joy turned to guilt and terror overnight. How could I love this baby the way I loved Emmy?"

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Losing a child while pregnant was the most confusing experience of my life. The conflict of emotions from what was pure joy turned to guilt and terror overnight. How could I love this baby the way I loved Emmy? Was it okay to love this baby the way I loved Emmy? It felt like by loving my son, I was trying to replace her. The fear of birthing my son and what that meant .....a monumental step forward....proof that time continued without her when all I wanted was for time to stop. But let me say this....I couldn’t have been more wrong. Easton provided us an even closer bond to his sister. The moment I heard his cry, something sparked back alive in my soul. Hope. Love. I’m not sure. But in that moment, I knew I was Mom and my kids deserved the world from me. Everything was going to be okay. My joy and grief could coexist. Now, I can actually say with joy and excitement that we are expecting identical twin boys. From the day I met my husband, he has always said he wanted identical twin boys born on his birthday. We are due on the lucky day/angel number of 11/11 which is not far off from @millerbode Birthday of 10/12. From the beginning of this pregnancy, we knew Emmy had her hands in this miracle somehow.

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The grieving mom added that Easton's arrival was not a replacement of her daughter, but a connection that brought them closer to her. "My joy and grief could coexist," she said.


After losing a child to a tragic drowning accident, the couple made sure that their son Easton was taught the basics of swimming, which they believe is a skill that can save lives.

Morgan shared that her son was enrolled in a program called Infant Swimming Resource (ISR), which teaches the basics of water safety for infants.

She shared photos of her son and the mixed emotions of happiness and sadness she felt because of her daughter's accident.

Emmy drowned in a backyard pool accident of their neighbor at 19-months-old. Brode was not present then, while his wife was inside the house.

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