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Inside Donnie Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy's Magnificent St Charles's Castle

Oyin Balogun
Nov 21, 2019
09:30 A.M.
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Celebrity couple, Donnie Wahlberg of "New Kids On The Block," and his wife of five years, Jenny Mc Carthy, are proud owners of one of the most exquisite homes in Illinois, USA. 


The "Donnie Loves Jenny" stars gave People an exclusive peek into their magnificent, St. Charles five-bedroom, castle.

To the couple, Donnie Wahlberg, who currently stars in "Blue Bloods" as Reagan, and his wife Jenny McCarthy, a judge on "The Masked Singer," a home was more than just a structure built to perfection. 

Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg at Variety's 3rd Annual Salute To Service on November 06, 2019 | Photo: Getty Images


It was a reflection of their outlook on life, as well as a representation of their characters, one that spoke of their love for each other, their three lovely children, and four dogs. Most of all, it was a constant reminder to "start each day with a grateful heart."


From the minute Donnie and Jenny stepped into the five-bedroom St. Charles home, they knew it was meant for them.

The house was the first the couple inspected together during their home search. On stepping through the doors, Jenny's face lightened up in yearning, and Donnie figured she found the perfect one. 


Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg | Photo: Getty Images

While opening up about her love at first sight for the multi-bedroom abode, the 47-year-old explained that although the decor was not to their taste, the building felt like home at once, with an inner energy which kept pulling them to it. 


They took the Chicago home despite the distance implication to their otherwise busy New York work schedules. The pair have spent the last four years gradually renovating their extravagant abode to suit their taste, and fit the kids as well.



Since moving into the exquisite mansion, the couple has been faced with shuffling between their family life in Chicago, and their careers in New York daily. 

When questioned about how they have managed to keep up both lives, despite the thousands of miles separating both states, they explained the strategy they have adapted to fit their otherwise busy schedules.

In response, the 47-year-old explained that during the weekends, and on Mondays, they stay home with the kids.


The remaining days of the week are spent working in New York, and getting some alone time as a couple before hitting St. Charles again on Friday for another fun weekend.


The whole shuffling stress was worth it for the lovebirds as they get the rewarding experience of living in their dream house, surrounded by people they love. 

People got the privilege of experiencing a little taste of the family's luxury in an exclusive tour of the Wahlberg mansion which boasts of over-the-top fixtures like a backyard nature's path for taking walks, a fountain, a golf patch as well as a pool with its own water slide, waterfall and grotto.


Donnie Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy's beautiful home | Photo" YouTube/PeopleTV

Inside the apartment, which was designed and furnished by John Wolf to achieve the cozy, glamorous look that spoke loads about the authenticity of the celebrity couples' characters, it was a taste of heaven on earth.



Donnie and Jenny, along with their french bulldog, Lumpy, welcomed the People crew into their newly renovated household with a warm introduction before ushering them into the living area. 

Donnie Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy's beautiful home | Photo" YouTube/PeopleTV



The first stop on the tour was the piano room, which was the centerpiece of all the Wahlberg decor, and "where it all started."

The baby grand Piano was housed within the living room, which sported several decorative pieces, pictures, wall arts, couches, and a gothic door to a mystery room with "D" and "J" for handles.

The couple purchased the piano after living in the apartment for years without furniture. However, with the acquisition of a piano, which would enable the "New Kid On The Block" star play for his wife, came a need for couches to sit on and listen, and eventually, the need to fully reinvent the entire space.



Next on tour was the mystery behind the black french doors in the living room, which unexpectedly opened into the mother of one's sewing room and in-house workshop, where she hides out for hours, working, "just like a little elf."

The fashion designer explained that the "D" and "J" handles, representing Donnie and Jenny, was John Wolf's idea to add glamour to the cozy space.

The 50-year-old joked that most people got surprised at discovering the french doors opened into a workshop and not some secret gothic sex dungeon.

Donnie Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy's beautiful home | Photo" YouTube/PeopleTV



The Chicago residents then led their touring guests to their luxury kitchen, which was renovated in August. 

The kitchen housed a mini dining area, a wide centered kitchen table, a butcher block for "smooching and making a mess with various food products," and a shelf full of cereals.

Explaining the onslaught of cereals, the "Masked Singer" judge noted that growing up without lots of money made cereals a huge commodity in their household during her childhood.

Donnie Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy's beautiful home | Photo" YouTube/PeopleTV



After the peek at the kitchen, the next stop was the father of two's office, which his wife insisted was a must-have for a Wahlberg Patriarch.

They went through a passage surrounded by wall portraits, and straight to a pair of black, Louis Vuitton custom doors, which served as the entrance to Donnie's workspace.

The office sported several of the stars collection and most prized possessions, including family pictures, awards, music records, autographed jerseys, and fan stuff.

Donnie Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy's beautiful home | Photo" YouTube/PeopleTV



Just when the tour seemed to be rounding up, the fashion designer announced one more stop, blondies time! She led the party to the family's custom bar, named blondies bar, where the couple goes to chill after a hard day's work, over a glass of blondies cocktail.

They rounded off the tour with a toast to their happiness, kids, love and their beautiful home.

Donnie Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy's beautiful home | Photo" YouTube/PeopleTV



The duo first met in 2012 on the show, "Watch What Happens Live!" where they shared intimate conversations about their early rise to stardom, controversial celebrities, and dirty talks. 

Two weeks later, the 50-year-old asked the fashionista out on a date, which she obliged. Their relationship progressed slowly, away from public glare.


A year after, in April 2014, the NKOTB icon proposed to the mother of one with the help of her son, Evan. In August that same year, they got married at the St. Charles Hotel Baker.

Having kids from previous marriages, the couple decided not to have any more children, but to enjoy their blended family of five together consisting of Donnie's sons, Xavier and Elijah, and Jenny's only child, Evan.

Their marriage has progressed without scandals for five years, flourishing just as perfectly as their Illinois abode.