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Cynthia Bailey Reveals Daughter Noelle Robinson's Anxiety over Airing of RHOA Episode Where She Came out as Sexually Fluid

Claudine Varela
Nov 21, 2019
04:20 P.M.
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Noelle Robinson came out as sexually fluid in a recent episode of her mother, Cynthia Bailey's reality show. The response was positive though her mother admits, she was anxious before the show aired. 


A few months back, Cynthia Bailey’s daughter, Noelle Robinson taped an episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” where she opened up for the first time about her sexuality. The show’s audience finally saw the story unfold recently when the episode aired and both Cynthia and Noelle are grateful for the outpour of support. 

"I just want to be the kind of parent that she can feel comfortable even coming to, to talk to about sexuality."

Cynthia Bailey and daughter, Noelle Robinson at the former's birthday celebration in February 2016. | Photo: Getty Images



The episode filmed during Noelle’s college break saw Cynthia learning that Noelle was sexually fluid. She’d been asking her about “any cute boys” and Noelle inserted that there were “some cute girls too.” 

The 52-year-old said her daughter became anxious prior to the episode’s release for fear of how her admission would be received and what it would mean to her.  

“She was having a lot of anxiety before the show aired, because she didn’t know how it was going to make her feel,” Cynthia recalled to Hollywood Life.



However, Cynthia happily revealed the show earned them positive feedback.

“I cannot tell you the love and support, it’s all I’ve been talking about all week, which was wise, because so many moms have been shouting out to me, so many kids that are fluid.”

She also expressed her pride in her daughter being able to come to her and open up about her sexuality. 

“I’m just happy, and proud, that I’m the kind of parent that…I just want to be the kind of parent that she can feel comfortable even coming to, to talk to about sexuality. I came up in a time where I didn’t even feel comfortable talking to my mom about sex.”



Cynthia respects her daughter’s truth and encouraged Noelle to tell her story to be able to control her narrative. 

“As soon as I knew this was a life choice and this is who she was, I was like, ‘You tell your own story, that way you don’t have to worry about anyone else telling it for you,'” she told People. 

“If only one person was inspired to live in their truth because of me opening up about mine, it was all worth it."



Noelle was equally grateful for the outpour of support she received. She gained 15,000 followers after the episode aired. To express her gratitude, she took to her Instagram and spilled her emotions.

“I am completely overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support that I have received since sharing my story on The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” she began to write. “I feel so blessed to have family and friends that have allowed me to be myself, and have encouraged me to share my truth with the world. Thank you to those who have given me the space to be who I am, and still love me regardless.”


Noelle continued

“If only one person was inspired to live in their truth because of me opening up about mine, it was all worth it. I’m amazed how many people resonated with my same feelings, and are in a similar situation. My heart is so full and your love & positivity has washed over me.”



Noelle revealed during the episode that she learned about her sexuality during her freshman year at Howard University. It came as a surprise to her. 

“It really just came out of nowhere. I wasn’t really expecting that to happen,” she admitted.

Cynthia admits, she’s still getting used to the idea of Noelle fluidity but at the end of the day, she just wants her daughter to be happy.

“If you meet an amazing young lady, that’s a blessing. If you meet an amazing young man, that’s a blessing. As long as they’re good people and they love and support you,” she tells Noelle.



Noelle is Cynthia’s daughter from her romantic relationship with actor Leon Robinson.  She was born in 1999. Noelle’s parents never married. Instead, the reality star wed Peter Thomas in 2010. 

Cynthia’s marriage with Peter lasted for six years before they separated. Peter was reportedly caught philandering. By 2017, they were divorced. Cynthia recently revealed she still kept her engagement ring from Peter because she “earned it.”