TMZ: Lee Daniels to Cover the $950K Damon Dash Allegedly Owes in Back Child Support

Damon Dash's woes over child support may have just gotten worse as his baby mamas lay claim to his million-dollar settlement.

The mothers of Damon Dash's children, to whom he owes considerable amounts in child support, have found a way to get their hands on his money.

The ladies are laying claim to the compensation Lee Daniels agreed to pay Dash - and the producer may never get to see a cent of it.

Daniels agreed to pay Dash $5 million in compensation.

Damon Dash at the launch of Dame Dash Studios in April 2019/ Source: Getty Images

Damon Dash at the launch of Dame Dash Studios in April 2019/ Source: Getty Images


Unfortunately for Dash, who has already been forced to pay out a hefty sum after he was arrested for failing to comply with his child support obligations, the ladies had a brilliant idea.

Dash still owes Rachel Roy and Cindy Morales a hefty $950k and they have decided to cut Dash out of the loop, and sue Lee Daniels for the money.


Earlier this year, Daniels and Dash had come to an agreement in which the "Empire" creator agreed to pay out $5 million to settle a lawsuit the producer had filed against him.


In order to circumvent Dash and get their money, the two ladies placed a lawsuit against Daniels with the intention of garnishing the amount owed for their children's support.

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TSR: @theworldaccordingtoeric _____________________ #Roommates, there’s nothing worse than coming into money just to have it snatched right back out of your hands. ———————————— Well, this may be the case for “Roc-A-Fella” co-founder, Damon Dash. In case you haven’t been following this story, Dash filed a lawsuit back in 2018 against “Empire” & “Star” creator, Lee Daniels, after alleging that Daniels owed him a nice chunk of change from an investment deal ($5 million to be exact). ——————————— Since then, the settlement between the two men has been handled, but Daniels nor Dame are in the clear just yet. According to legal documents obtained by @TMZ_tv, #CindyMorales & #RachelRoy, are allegedly suing Daniels for $1 million of Dash’s settlement money. ———————————— According to TMZ, Dash’s ex-wife and mother of his two children, Rachel Roy, claims he owes her $826,166.88 in back child support and other expenses. While Morales, the mother of Dash’s son claims he owes her $244,721.43. ———————————- Both women allege that Dash has paid them less than $5 in child support thus far in 2019 even though his $5 million settlement ended in 2018. There are currently warrants out for Dame’s arrest over the unresolved child support payments, but he says he has plans to deal with them head-on. There has been no word from Daniels as of yet. (📸: @gettyimages)

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Daniels and Dash's exes lawyer, Donnell Suares, have come to an amicable agreement through which Roy and Morales will be paid a stipulated amount every quarter until the sum of $950,000 is reached.

The final approval of the agreement is pending, and Dash's attorney may still try to throw a spanner in the works.

Dash shares daughters Ava, 19, and Tallulah, 11, with ex-wife Rachel Roy, and son Damon Dash II with Cindy Morales.

Dash and his fiancé Raquel Horn are currently expecting their first child together.


In 2015, Damon Dash invested $2 million into a Lee Daniels project to make a Richard Pryor biopic.

Daniels was to direct the film, and in return for his investment, Dash would get co-executive producing credit and 5% of the profits.

Unfortunately, the project fell through, and Dash never saw a cent in profit, or the original investment capital again.

Dash sued Daniels for his money, and the two men came to an agreement. Daniels agreed to pay Dash $5 million in compensation.

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