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Daily Joke: Elderly Woman Moved into Nursing Home Has One Complaint about the Place

Comfort Omovre
Dec 07, 2019
02:40 P.M.
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An older woman who newly moved into a nursing home had only one but a hilarious complaint about the facility. 


As people grow old, they begin to experience some difficulties doing things they usually would do when they were younger. 

98-year-old lady eating breakfast at a nursing home in Zhenping County | Photo: Getty Images


This could make some of them get easily irritated at some things around them. However, an older woman still managed to find humor despite disliking something about a nursing home that she was moved to. 

On a particular evening, a family took their aging mother to a nursing home in the hope that they would take care of her. The following morning, the nurses at home bathed the woman, fed her, and placed her in a chair. 

The chair was overlooking a beautiful flower garden, and so the older woman sat there enjoying the view. She looked to be okay in her position, so the nurses let her be. 

A happy old woman. | Source: Pexels


After a while, however, the woman begins to tilt to her side. This was immediately noticed by two nurses, who rushed to her and set her straight. 

Again, she was okay and balanced. Time goes, and again, the older woman began to fall to her other side. The nurses rushed to her and straightened her up. 

The woman's family came back to see her and know if she had adjusted well to her new surroundings. They asked her how she was and whether the nurses were treating her well. 

Old woman in glasses and a hat. | Source: Pixabay


The woman then replied, saying:

"It's pretty nice, except they won't let you fart."

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An old man sitting in his wheelchair eating lunch at a nursing home on the island of Borkum | Photo: Getty Images


An 88-year-old man named Archie was experiencing an issue with his house. The house was a two-story building, meaning that Archie had to climb the staircase. 

Being an older man, Archie always stopped halfway through his climb up or down the staircase to take a breather. After catching his breath, he would then continue with his climbing. 

However, Archie had one problem whenever he was ready to continue climbing; he didn't remember whether he was climbing up the stairs or down the stairs.

An old man sitting in his wheelchair eating lunch at a nursing home on the island of Borkum | Photo: Getty Images

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