Cute Christmas Gift Ideas for Mom to Make Her Happy for under $50

Most people’s favorite time of the year is finally here: Christmas. Unfortunately, some of us have a hard time coming up with good gift ideas for our moms.

Whether you are your mom’s Secret Santa or the type of person who gives everyone a Christmas gift just because, a couple of alternatives always come in handy – especially if they are under $50.

So, here are some Christmas gift ideas for mom that will undoubtedly make her happy.

"What A Difference A Day Makes" Burlap Print

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Life is made up of moments, and we all love to remember the most beautiful ones. Mothers are no different, so why not give them a burlap print with some of the most important dates in her life?

You can include everything from her wedding anniversary, birthdays, graduation dates, and more!

Family Names Throw Pillow

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Giving away cookies and sweaters on Christmas is fine, but what about making your moms’ house look original and cute with pillowcase covers with the names of her children on it?

You could even give her one with her pet’s name! Hear that Mr. Whiskers?

One-Step Hair Dryer & Styler

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Thinking about Christmas gift ideas for moms is always challenging, especially if you want to impress. Thankfully, this heated styler is both useful and inventive as it gives a salon-worthy blowout in a few minutes.

Her morning routine will never be the same!

Floral Enameled Dutch Oven

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Moms are often wonderful cooks, and a good cook knows that food presentation is one of the most important aspects of cooking. With this beautiful Dutch oven, dinner will look ten times better!

Your mother’s neighbors would be jealous!

Electric Tea Kettle

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Sometimes, we think we ran out of good Christmas ideas to give. Then, we discover this beautiful electric tea kettle, perfect for tea drinkers who are not willing to wait for the water to boil traditionally.

Make sure you know what tea she likes, though. Not everyone is into chamomile.

Hallmark Christmas Movie Watching Mug

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Speaking of tea, we all know that the best way to drink a hot beverage is in a mug. Since we are talking about Christmas gifts, nothing is better than this original mug that will definitely provide a cozy vibe.

Your mother will be ready to watch “Home Alone” again!

Cotton Gift Set

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We’ve already established that a sweater is not the first thing that crosses our minds when it comes to Christmas gift ideas for mom. But what about a set with two stylish oven mitts and an apron?

It is not only beautiful but also fully functional!

Modern Calligraphy Starter Kit

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Some mothers still like the feeling of sending and receiving handwritten cards and letters. If yours is into it, this calligraphy starter kit will make her creations even more elegant!

Prepare to get your mailbox filled with her letters!

Handheld Turning Vegetable Spiralizer

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Have you been trying to tell your mother in a friendly way that she should start eating more veggies? Do it with a Christmas gift! More specifically, with this small vegetable spiralizer.

Eating healthy has never been this fun!

Indoor Wireless Smart Home Camera

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Coming up with good Christmas gift ideas for mom is not always easy, especially when she is tech-savvy. However, this indoor camera is both easy to use and very useful, especially for those who worry too much.

Your mom will finally discover whose dog has been peeing in her front door!

Personalized Phone Cover

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Your mother is definitely tired of her old and probably broken phone case. But why giving her a plain one when you can get this personalized phone cover?

This is the kind of Christmas gift that your mom didn’t know she needed.

Butter Churn

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A butter churn is one of those items that makes your mom’s house stand out from the rest. With this simple yet useful gadget, she’ll always have fresh-whipped butter in a few minutes!

You’ll be visiting her more often to have some honey butter toast!

Portable AM/FM Radio

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Giving a lightweight, portable radio compatible with smartphones is definitely one of the best gift ideas for moms on Christmas, especially if she is a music lover!

No matter where she goes, Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You” will be within reach.

Leather Wallet Case

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This wallet case is perfect for leather lovers. It will protect your mother’s phone while also serving as a card and ID holder. No matter how old your mom is, she will look beautiful with one of these.

You better get at least a present from all the Christmas gift ideas for moms we just shared! The best aspect of it is that they are all under $50 – not that she has to know, though.

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