December 14, 2019

Erica Campbell Shares Sweet Photos with Son, Husband & Father-In-Law, Showing Their Resemblance

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Music star, Erica Campell recently shared some adorable shots of the men in her life, and their striking resemblance was glaring.

Yesterday, Erica Campbell's father-in-law turned a year older and the gospel singer celebrated him in the best way she could.

Singer Erica Campbell visits Hallmark Channel's "Home & Family" at Universal Studios Hollywood. | Photo: Getty Images


Posting on her Instagram page, Campbell shared lovely shots of her father-in-law, husband, and son as she celebrated the patriarch. In the photos, the three men looked gorgeous in matching white shirts and Jeans.

The first photo had the men posing according to their ages, and Campbell's young son looked so cute while the second image showed the three men enjoying a playful time together.


The love they exhibited was heartwarming and fans took to the comments section to point it out.

"Erica explained hat her hubby, Warryn Campell had told her about being unfaithful and that he couldn't go on without coming out clean."

BCK ONLINE reports that Erica is a mom who makes out time to spend with her kids. The news outlet recalled that the mom-of-three once shared images of her and her lovely family having an excellent beach time on her Instagram page.


The star and her children looked charming in the photos shared to the delight of fans.

Although it seems the "Mary Mary" star has a picture-perfect family, she once experienced troubling times in her marriage. According to MADAMENOIRE, Cambell recently opened up about how she handled infidelity in her marriage. 


Speaking with Tamron Hall on "The Tamron Hall Show," Erica explained hat her hubby, Warryn Campell had told her about being unfaithful and that he couldn't go on without coming out clean.

Erica said:

"And he said that he didn’t have peace and he couldn’t rest. And so we talked about it, and strangely enough, I kind of knew it. I suspected it. But I was like, ‘Well, I don’t see any evidence. I don’t feel that."


The celebrity explained further that she and her husband were able to hold their marriage together through therapy.

ESSENCE further reports that this isn't the first time Erica and Warryn have had issues over infidelity. Once in an interview with BLACK LOVE, Warryn explained that his mistress got pregnant for him, but she didn't keep the baby.


He admitted to being "selfish because I wanted things to change, but I wanted [my wife] to do the changing." Nevertheless, they have been able to put their differences aside and work together 

According to LA SENTINEL, the couple launched a family tv series in 2018, which gives fans a peek into their lives as a Christian family and how they deal with faith, fame, and social media and bringing up their children. 

While Warryn is a successful producer and church minister, Erica was a member of the "Mary Mary" singing duo and has become more successful in her solo career.