Daily Joke: Student Asked Her Roommate about Her Blind Date

Jaimie-lee Prince
Jan 03, 2020
05:00 P.M.
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Blind dates are always surprising, sometimes shocking, and nearly never successful. Sometimes, though, we get a laugh from what happens on such hit and miss dating attempts. 


In one instance, a blind date was a total fail for one student despite the classic car he date showed up in. Here's what happened. 

Classic ride on blind date

When a student returned to her dorm room after a blind date, her roommate wanted to know how things went. 

"What was your date like? Do you think you'll go on another?" the roommate asked. Unfortunate, she got a sour response.

An angry woman | Photo: Freepik


"It was terrible!" the student said. "He arrived at the restaurant in a 1932 Rolls Royce," she explained, to her roommate's confusion. 

The roommate replied: "What's wrong with that? Those cars are pretty expensive. It sure would impress me."

Older man smiling | Photo: Pexels


The student then pointed out. "Yea, except he was the original owner!" Age isn't always just a number it seems. 

Blind date in wheelchair

Another man who went on a blind date was discriminated against for his condition which had left him wheelchair-bound. 

Man at the bar | Photo: Pexels


When he got back from the date, he was still a bit perplexed so his friend couldn't tell if the date had gone good or bad. 

"How'd your blind date go?" the friend asked. Frowning, the sitting man responded, "Awful... I think." 

He went on to say, "She walked right into the restaurant, lifted me from my chair, propped me against the table, and then walked right out." 

Group of people gathering inside the bar | Photo: Pexels


He looked up at his friend who responded, "Aw, man, that's a shame. I can't believe she stood you up." 

Little Johnny and his mom

Such a clever response doesn't just come from adults. Little Johnny always has something hilarious to say to the grownups. 

One evening, his mother was applying a cold facial cream to her face. It was the first time little Johnny witnessed the practice. 

Little boy holding his toy | Photo: Pexels

He asked his mother why she was doing it, to which the woman responded, "To make myself beautiful." 

After a short time, the woman began wiping off the cream from her face. "What's the matter?" asked Johnny. "Giving up?"