January 20, 2020

Fantasia's Teen Daughter Zion Looks Just like Her Mom as She Strikes a Pose in Photo

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R&B Singer, Fantasia's 18-year-old daughter, Zion Quari Barrino, is a split image of her mother, a fact that was made all the more evident in a recent photo she posted on Instagram. 

In the photo, Zion struck a pose, with one of her hands resting on the lap of an unidentified person. In the caption to the post, the 18-year-old put on a fly pose as she wrote:

"I'm Not Your Average Or Typical" [emoji] #2020vision."

Fantasia Barrino at the Primary Wave Entertainment's 12th Annual Pre-Grammy Party on January 27, 2018 in New York City.| Photo:Getty Images


Zion has come of age since her birth and graduated from High School last year. Her proud mother celebrated the achievement, and posted a rare family photo, showing herself, Zion, and Zion's dad, Brandel Shouse. Fantasia captioned the post thus:

"Proud Parents @onlyzion_ I'm So Very Proud Of you."

The photo apart from being cute was also surprising, given the bitter battle that Fantasia and Brandel had in 2014, over the custody of Zion, who was then 13.



In a 2014 TMZ Report, Fantasia claimed that Brandel was only a deadbeat sperm donor, while Brandel brought forth documents to prove that he was a better parent than Fantasia. 

The singer also recalled the day she gave birth to Zion, saying that it was the scariest feeling in the world

The back and forth accusations and counter-accusations finally ended, and the post by Fantasia on her daughter's graduation showed that she and Brandel have made peace and are moving forward with co-parenting their daughter. 


Zion turned 18 in August 2019, and her mother celebrated the milestone in a major way. The 35-year-old shared throwback photographs and videos of her daughter on her Instagram page, along with a lengthy caption to describe her feelings. 

In her caption, Fantasia narrated some of the throwback memories including that of when Zion was a toddler, and how she used to rival with the family pet as a 3-year-old. 

Fantasia Barrino and daughter Zion Barrino attend Millions of Milkshakes on November 24, 2010 in Culver City, California.| Photo:Getty Images


The singer recalled the day she gave birth to Zion, saying that it was the scariest feeling in the world, because she was so young and wanted to bring Zion to the world, but didn't know how to do it.

Fantasia also made another post, showing a photo of Zion as a child. In the caption to the second post, she said she was having a hard time getting used to Zion becoming an adult, before admonishing her to always walk with class. 

Fantasia has so much love for her daughter, who, in turn, resembles her mother so much. One can't wait to see what Zion will become in the nearest future—greatness awaits!