January 22, 2020

Kim Kardashian from KUWTK Admits She Used to Wear 3 Pairs of Shapewear to Look Good after Giving Birth in SKIMS Ad

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The "KUWTK" star shared a new promotional video for SKIMS. The reality star admits to wearing multiple shapewear to look good after having kids. 

On Tuesday, the serial entrepreneur shared a forty-second clip for her shapewear line on her official twitter handle. In it, Kim revealed that she had been obsessed with wearing shapewear when people were wearing regular underwear. She said,

"I've always been obsessed with shapewear, it's like when everyone was getting bras and underwear I was getting shapewear." 

Kim Kardashian at the Creative Arts Emmy Awards on September 14, 2019, in Los Angeles, California | Photo: Getty Images


The shapewear enthusiast explained that there were a few times when she triple-shaped up after having her babies. This won the admiration of people who reigned praises on her for her quick snapback. The siren revealed. 

"Oh my God, you look so good after the baby," and I am like, that is three pairs of shapewear, that's not me."

The TV personality revealed that for her, shapewear brand has been in the oven for over a decade from when she was cutting and sewing up stitches to suit her body needs.


The "SKIMS" brand only became the birth of a decade long dream. This is not the first time the reality star is admitting to wearing multiple layers of shapewear.

She shared a picture of a necklace gifted to her by her husband. The piece was engraved with a sentimental message he had earlier sent her.

In 2016, she told her audience via her app in a now archived post, that she keeps things tight by doubling up on her shapewear when she feels heavy. 


The mother of two is passionate about her craft went on to explain how she is able to achieve this feat. Kim revealed that she tries not to wear two pairs of different lengths because she doesn't like her seams to be visible underneath her dress. 

The KKW beauty mogul in a bid to hammer on her point referenced a 2014 picture where the seam of her shapewear was visible under her dress. Thankfully, the TV star found an alternative which she shared with her audience. She wrote,

"I just recently got introduced to the footless tights —so you'll NEVER see my Spanx line because the seam is lower." 


The business mogul, who is also famous for her banging body, shared a bikini picture on her Instagram page on Tuesday. In it, the star adorned sunglasses over a bubble gum pink bikini while sitting on the floor of her closet. 

Her older sister, Kourtney, also shared a snap of herself in a bikini on the gram. In it, the mother of three donned an orange two-piece bikini while soaking up the sunlight aboard a boat in Sardinia, Italy. 

The reality TV star and her husband, Kanye, are still going strong. The actress revealed that her husband is thoughtful when it comes to giving gifts.

She shared a picture of a necklace gifted to her by her husband. The piece was engraved with a sentimental message he had earlier sent her.