Matt Roloff's Longtime Girlfriend Caryn Chandler Spends Quality Time with His Grandkids in Adorable Videos

Jan 27, 2020
04:30 P.M.
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"LPBW" star, Matt Roloff's longtime lover, Caryn Chandler, is as thrilled as her man to welcome his fourth grandchild. She took to the gram to show how her love extends to the rest of his family.


Caryn undoubtedly loves Matt and has taken their relationship further by being endeared to his grandkids. Recently she spent some quality time with three of Matt's grandchildren.

The first photo saw her lovingly embracing the newborn, Bode James Roloff, while two other images showed two of the grandkids having fun.

Matt Roloff and Ex wife Amy Roloff on NBC News' "| Photo:Getty Images


Matt's lover detailed that Bode would soon join the rest of the team, Amber, and J in running around the house. 

The cuteness of the infant influenced her Instagram fans, and one internet user wanted to know how to pronounce her lover's grandson's name correctly. Matt quickly chimed in with his comment. He wrote:

"pronounced "bodee" but spelled Bode."


The "LPBW" patriarch's grandkids aren't the only ones Caryn share a close-knit bond with; she also shares a healthy relationship with the rest of the family.

During the yuletide season, she planned a Christmas event for the family which included all of her beau's kids, even though it was an early Christmas celebration.

She mentioned that she restrains from calling herself grandma.


Caryn not only cares for Matt's kids and his grandkids, she also takes out time to be around during various family visitations, and the patriarch of the Roloff's family proudly shares the "united" family time online.

Once, Miss Chandler took to her Instagram to express her excitement about spending time with the Roloffs. She wrote:

"We had a wonderful Christmas… followed by a cost dinner, Sorry (not sorry) we got lost just enjoying our great conversation we forgot to get a group photo! Next time."


Apart from having shared values for family time, Matt and Caryn are taking it slow by not rushing into getting engaged.

After spending nearly a decade with his first wife, Amy Roloff, who's engaged to a new partner, it's no surprise that Matt doesn't want to rush into proposing even if his kids and mom have approved of his woman.


That isn't to say that Matt isn't enjoying his relationship with Caryn. Unlike with Amy, whose notions and values opposed his, his new lover seems to have a similar line of thought, and their everyday lifestyle appears to make the duo happy.

Caryn happens to be committed, and she sees her boyfriend's family as hers, and even once cutely mentioned that she restrains from calling herself grandma.