Daily Joke: A Guy Feeling Sorry for Himself at a Bar Shares He Can't Tell His Horses Apart

Kareena Koirala
Jan 27, 2020
02:30 A.M.
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A guy who was feeling low because he couldn't tell his horses apart walked into a bar. The bartender asked him what was wrong and gives him an idea that could help the sad man. 


A man was feeling down one day and decided to go to the bar. The bartender smiled at him but he couldn't justly return his warm smile. 

"Hey, what's up? Is something bothering you?" asked the bartender.

The man looked into the bartender's eyes and gasped. "I have two beautiful horses who look so similar. I just can't tell them apart!" the man said in a snotty voice. He explained to the bartender about why his confusion was a serious matter.

"You might wonder why a grown man is all sad and emotional over such a small thing, but trust me, it's a pain," the man explained. "I can't tell if I'm mixing up my ride times or if I'm feeding them right."


A sad man. | Source: Pexels

After a few moments of silence and fighting back his tears, the man told the bartender that he has no clue what to do. 


"Why don't you try shaving one of the horse's tail? That way, you'll know which one is which. You can even name them 'Baldtails' and 'Tailtails.'"

"That sounds like a pretty good idea!" exclaimed the man. "I'm so going to try that now."

A bartender making drinks. | Source: Pexels


Months went by and the bartender hadn't seen the man around the bar. One day, the man came there but he looked worse than ever before. 

"Hey! Long-time no see, huh? Where have you been?" the bartender asked earnestly. 

"Well, I've been busy," the man replied with a weak smile. Something was clearly bothering him. "Is there something wrong?" the bartender asked. 


"It's the horses again!" cried the man. "I shaved off one of the horse's tail but the hair grew back and now I can't tell them apart again!"

By now the bartender was starting to wonder if he should have ever been friendly with the man. "If the hair grows back, why not shave it again and stop being a drama queen?" he thought. 

"Why don't you try shaving its mane this time? Maybe it will not grow again..." said the bartender. 


The man thanked the bartender for his suggestion and left. A few months later, he came back to the bar in a much worse condition. 

"I... I shaved the mane of one of my horses and... and..." he stammered. The bartender felt sorry for the poor guy and asked him what happened. "It grew again!" the man sniffled. 

"Oh for God's sake, just measure the heights of those horses!" the frustrated bartender said. 


"I don't need to. One is shorter than the other," the man replied. 

The bartender couldn't believe his ears. "How can a person be so mind-numbingly dumb?" he thought to himself. 

The man went home and measured both of his horses. The next day, he walked into the bar with a big, bright smile.

"It worked! Now I know that the black one is two inches taller than the white one!" he said. 

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