Kathie Lee Gifford from 'Today' Talks about Going Wedding Dress Shopping with Daughter Cassidy

"Happy" would be an understatement to the multi-talented talk show host, Kathie Lee Gifford, whose two kids are about to get married this year.

The comedienne posted a photo of her future son-in-law and her daughter, 26-year-old Cassidy with her caption reading,

"So thrilled to announce that my beautiful daughter, @cassidygiff, is engaged to a wonderful man, Ben @letsgetwierda."

The T.V. presenter vocally made the same announcement at the Movieguide Awards Dinner on Cassidy getting engaged to boyfriend, Ben Wierda. She disclosed that she had a lot of shopping, photoshoots, and outings to do with her younger child.

The former host of Today told Closer Weekly about getting Cassidy a wedding dress. And speaking on Cassie's slender figure, her mom said:

" You know, she's a size zero, a perfect zero, and it's not going to take six months to make her dress."

The actress, saying Wierda was going to tie the knot officially with her daughter in June 2020, was grateful that she didn't have to pay for Cody's wedding dress also. 

Gifford and her late husband, Frank Gifford, shared a very long love story in the spotlight that might have rubbed off on her kids positively.

Kathie's life has undergone some changes recently.

With Frank working as the New York Giants halfback and Monday Night Football Commentator, she was very active on the television, and they still found time for love.

The star-studded family was an excellent one until Frank suddenly passed in 2015. He had chronic traumatic encephalopathy, rare brain damage caused by the hits footballers jabbed on each other's heads. 

Just before Kathie's final show host gig on Today, her kids honored her by speaking a few words of love and appreciation for their mother, praising her and co-host Hoda Kotb, for the long time they've been on television together and the friendship they've shared.

Kathie's life has undergone some changes recently; after leaving Today, she moved to Nashville. She confirmed that her new city and neighborhood was completely different from where she came. 

Kathie Lee Gifford arrives at The Cantinas Arts Foundation COTA Celebration of the Arts on September 15, 2018 | Photo: GettyImages

Kathie Lee Gifford arrives at The Cantinas Arts Foundation COTA Celebration of the Arts on September 15, 2018 | Photo: GettyImages

Iin her own words, "First of all, there is a different culture, completely different culture down there, and it's a culture of kindness in Nashville "

Kathie  has been enjoying the serene atmosphere, the church bells ringing and the birds singing while looking forward to the busy days ahead to plan her children's weddings. 

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