Jason Priestley from 'Beverly Hills, 90210' Is Reportedly Heartbroken over Shannen Doherty's Cancer News

Jason Priestley is completely heartbroken and devastated over his "BH90210" co-star and friend, Shannen Doherty's cancer news, a new report states.

Jason Priestley is finding it hard to accept his "BH90210" co-star and friend, Shannen Doherty's cancer news. His feelings border on the devastation and a lot of heartbreak.

The actor said as much when People caught up with him at the Monte Carlo Television 60th Festival Anniversary Celebration. He told the news outlet that he has reached out to Doherty.

Jason Priestley attends the 2020 iHeartRadio ALTer EGO at The Forum on January 18, 2020 | Photo: Getty Images

Jason Priestley attends the 2020 iHeartRadio ALTer EGO at The Forum on January 18, 2020 | Photo: Getty Images


Priestley added that he wants to support the actress as best he can and the actor expressed how heartbroken he is to hear about the news. In his words,

"I am very heartbroken about the news, and I wish her and her family the best in this [challenging] time."

The actor hasn't heard back from Doherty, but he is confident that he will once the dust settles. The co-stars had known each other since the '90s when they starred on the hit TV series.


The two played the role of twins, "Brandon and Brenda Walsh." Their on-screen bond translated into a life-long friendship, and Priestley notes that the actress will always be a significant part of his life.

The insurance company believes it does not owe Doherty anything, and reportedly said she shared her cancer news to get sympathy.

He added that the bond they have is significant, and he plans to channel it into helping his friend. Doherty, who is battling an aggressive form of terminal stage four cancer, needs all the support she can get.


The "Beverly Hills, 90210" actress revealed on Tuesday that she has been battling stage four cancer for about a year. She kept it a secret for so long because,

"[People] look at you like you are a dead man walking, basically, and that they need to say their goodbyes to you."

Also, the "BH90210" reboot was about to start filming, and she wanted to keep working. The latter gives the actress a reason to get out of bed every day and fight to stay alive.


Doherty chose to share her cancer news because her secret won't stay that way for long. She is suing State Farm — an insurance company — for failing to pay for the rebuilding of her LA home, which got damaged in the wildfire of 2018.

The court documents showed that she is dying, and the actress wanted to get ahead of the news. The insurance company believes it does not owe Doherty anything, and reportedly said she shared her cancer news to get sympathy during the trial.

Whatever the case may be, the "Charmed" star has gotten a lot of support from her 90210 co-stars like Tori Spelling and Sara Michelle Gellar. Doherty is also facing her ailment with positive thoughts.

In an Instagram post after the news broke, she shared a conversation between "Snoopy and Charlie Brown," cartoon characters. While the latter said that people live once, the former corrected him, saying that people die once, but get to live every day.

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