Daily Joke: Little Boy Asks His Grandpa If He Knows How He and God Are Alike

A young boy gave an amusing response to his thoughts on God, while a very complicated family tree leaves a man feeling very blue. 

A young boy went to visit his grandfather one day, during a moment of bonding the inquisitive little boy asked looked long and hard and at him and asked:

"Grandpa, do you know how you and God are alike?"

The old man was surprised, yet he felt a sense of pride come over him from the compliment. He jokingly polished an imaginary halo on his head and waited for his grandson's reply, who said:

"You're both old."

At 23-years-old a handsome young man married a beautiful widow. At the time they got married, she already had a grown-up daughter. She was just as beautiful as her mother and had long flowing red hair.

To the man's, surprise his own father fell in love with her girl, who was his stepdaughter. The unusual relationship set a chain in motion that would change his very life, and complicate their family tree.

Soon enough his father married his step-daughter, making her his father's wife. Although it brought him joy to see the two in love, the situation became more complicated when he welcomed a bouncing baby to the family.

His son's addition to the family made the baby a brother-in-law to his dad. This meant that his son was now his uncle, creating a seriously confusing family tree.

Blank polaroid photos pinned on a board depict an organised chart | Source: Getty Images.

Blank polaroid photos pinned on a board depict an organised chart | Source: Getty Images.

Going down the line of the rest of the family member's it meant that his son was his uncle, which made him a brother to his wife's grown-up daughter, who was his stepmother. Not long after, his father had a son. This made his new stepbrother, his grandson because he was his stepdaughter’s son.

The man admitted the whole family set-up made him sad because now his wife was his mother's mother. Although she was his wife, it also made her grandmother too.

The more than family was explored it got more complicated because if his wife is his grandmother, then he is her grandchild. He admits that thinking about it drives him crazy, he explained:

"For now I have become the strangest case you ever saw. As the husband of my grandmother, I am my own grandpa!"

Source: Jokes of the Day and Jokes 4 All.

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