'Little People Big World' Toddler Ember Roloff Is Now a Big Sister

"Little People Big World's" Ember Roloff has just become a big sister.

One of the tiniest stars of "Little People Big World" Ember Roloff is now two years old and she's just become a big sister, to baby brother Bode.

The Roloff family is growing by leaps and bounds, and in November 2019, Ember welcomed cousin Lilah.

The announcement of Bode's birth comes just months after Zach and Tori welcomed their own second child, daughter Lilah

Ember Roloff's parents Jeremy and Audrey Roloff in 2017 | Source: Getty Imagfes

Ember Roloff's parents Jeremy and Audrey Roloff in 2017 | Source: Getty Imagfes


Up until just a few months ago, Ember was the "baby" of the family, four months younger than her "big" cousin Jackson. 

But in just three months, the number of children in the family has doubled since the Roloff twins each welcomed their second child, and Ember lost her pride of place.

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Well, I came down with the dreaded “M word” a couple days ago... *cough* mastitis *cough* 😩 I’ve been fighting it with all the things and thankfully my fever is dropping and I’m starting to feel a little better today🙏🏻 Meanwhile my incredible husband has been entertaining Ember girl, helping with Bode, and taking care of me. ⁣ ⁣ This was a special moment that I’m so glad I captured from the other night😭 It was the first time he held and read to both of our babies at the same time💗I just feel so crazy grateful for the humans cuddled up on that chair. ⁣ ⁣ Also, yesterday marked 10 years since the day I met Jeremy - soaking wet and covered in mud, wearing my running buns and a sports bra🙈...If you read our book you know the story behind that 😜 But wow. I can’t believe it’s been a full DECADE since that day. I love you babe. Thank you for loving me and our growing family so well💗

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On January 8, Jeremy and Audrey Roloff welcomed little Bode, a brother for their two-year-old daughter. Tori Roloff announced the birth of her little nephew on Instagram, writing:

"Welcome to the world cousin Bode! We love you so much already."


The announcement of Bode's birth comes just months after Zach and Tori welcomed their own second child, daughter Lilah, who came into the world on November 19, 2019, making their son Jackson a big brother.

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Feeling extra grateful for the simplests moments like this one. I cannot imagine the grief of losing my husband AND a child💔 Just the thought of it is unbearable. I’ve been thinking since I heard the news yesterday about the helicopter crash, how social media has enabled us to share in the grief and mourning of those we don’t personally know... ⁣⁣ As much as this platform has its pitfalls, one thing I love most about it is it’s ability to move our hearts towards compassion. It gives us an opportunity to “mourn with those who mourn,” to pray for those we don’t personally know, to honor legacy, and take inventory of how we are living our own fragile lives. I don’t know about you but it seems like the heartache I’ve seen in my social media feed these past couple months has increased - tragic accidents, miscarriages, terminal illness, children taken too soon, devastating fires, and more. ⁣⁣ ⁣ I’ve struggled to find the right response, and in my questioning and praying and heart aching, I’ve paused long enough to to listen to God. And in the words of Lysa Terkeurst, “... there is always a message there. And usually it’s only in the shock of loss that we all stop long enough to hear it. It’s only when we are forced to face the excruciating reality of how very fragile, short, and precious life is, that we realize what we now must do to live in light of eternity. Love more. Forgive more. Hold on to God’s truth more.” ....Always more. Yes and amen🙏🏻⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ I found comfort in these words...⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ “We know if no sparrow falls beyond the ken of your compassion, that you also, in this moment, inhabit our sadness at this wounding, your respond at the worlds brokenness somehow deeper than our own. Be near to us, O God. Be near each of us who must reckon with the sorrow of death and the sting of separation, for what we feel in this loss is nothing less than the groan of all creation. Our finite minds cannot trace the deeper mysteries of your eternal mendings, but this we know with certainty: You are merciful and loving, gentle and compassionate, caring tenderly for all that you have made.” - Every Moment Holy

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Ember is embracing her new sibling with enthusiasm, mom Audrey revealed and posted several snaps that show the adorable blond-haired toddler cuddling her little brother. She wrote:

"Ember just loves her baby brother so much. I wish I could push the instant reply button for all the hilarious and precious things she says." ⁣


Audrey shared her postpartum problems on Instagram in a long post, in which she revealed that she is suffering from a lot of pain and that her body is taking a lot longer to recover from her second pregnancy. Audrey also confessed that like many new mothers, she is finding breastfeeding painful.


Fans of the family have also been worried about little Ember after her parents revealed that the toddles had been suffering from an unspecified ailment, that let to a late-night visit to the emergency room of their local hospital.

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Endless tickle fights🐝🐝🐝

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Ember seems to have recovered from her illness, and in the most recent snaps her mother Audrey shared on Instagram, the toddler looks the picture of health, flashing her broad and happy grin at the camera.

In a gorgeous snap, Tori Roloff captured the moment when she and her sister-in-law Audrey stood side-by-side with their new babies. Just like Jackson and Ember, Lilah and Brode are of an age and will grow up as close as brother and sister.


Matt and Amy Roloff, the stars of "Little People Big World," both suffer from dwarfism, which gives the reality show it's premise as it focuses on their difficulties living in a world geared for average-sized people.  

Zach and Matt Roloff from "Little People Big World" at the family farm | Source: Wikimedia

Zach and Matt Roloff from "Little People Big World" at the family farm | Source: Wikimedia

The Roloffs have four children, three of whom are average height - Jacob, Jeremy, and Molly - and one which inherited Amy's achondroplasia - Zachary.

Of their 4 grandchildren born to the twins, Zach and Jeremy, two - Jackson and Lilah - also have achondroplasia, while Ember and Bode are of average stature. Although Jackson and Lilah's father Zach inherited his mother's achondroplasia, he has additional health issues.

As an infant, Zach had to have a skull shunt implanted to drain excess cerebrospinal fluid. So far, both Jackson and Lilah seem to have no additional health issues. 

Achondroplasia is characterized by short stature, which in adults is considered under 4 feet 10 inches or under. Children with achondroplasia are charted consistently at less than 2 percentile in the height growth curve for their age.

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