Marlon Wayans from 'the Wayans Bros' Shares Heartfelt Birthday Tribute to Ex-Wife Ang & Fans Had a Lot to Say

Marlon Wayans recently took to Instagram to post an emotional tribute to his ex, Angelica Zackary, on her birthday. Fans of the actor jumped to the comments to express their thoughts on his speech.

"Fifty Shades of Black" star, Marlon Wayans, has an interesting relationship with his ex, Angelica Zackary, and the fans are loving it. 

 Marlon Wayans is seen leaving Fox 29's 'Good Day' at FOX 29 Studios on November 22, 2019 | Photo: Getty Images

Marlon Wayans is seen leaving Fox 29's 'Good Day' at FOX 29 Studios on November 22, 2019 | Photo: Getty Images

For her birthday, the actor recently posted a picture of Ang and captioned it with a heartfelt tribute to her. Wayans started it off by wishing her a happy birthday and went on to appraise the mother of his kids calling her,

"beautiful, classy, loving, loyal, considerate, respectful, grateful, opinionated, strong, spiritual, wise [and] kind."

The 47-year-old thanked his ex for their children and the demonstration of her love as opposed to just uttering words. In reference to the unusual nature of their relationship post-breakup, Marlon said, 

"It's crazy how love takes different shapes, but at the end of the day, it's still love."

Fans of the actor took to the comments section of the post to express their thoughts on Wayan's tribute to his ex. One fan commended the actor's eloquence and said, "You sure do have a way with words! So beautiful". 

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Happy Bday Ang, You beautiful, classy, loving, loyal, considerate, respectful, grateful, opinionated, strong, spiritual, wise, kind soul. They don’t make them like you anymore. I am so happy to have u in my life with love and smiles. What a journey?! God is good. Thank u for your unconditional love and acceptance people say “i love u” BUT you show up and execute the ACTION of loving me. You don’t just love me when I’m hot but you love me when i hurt. You love me when I’m down and you quietly rally me back on my feet. i thank you for that. Thank you for my two beautiful exceptional children. Thank u for learning to love me outside of a box. You know my heart and you always protect that. It’s crazy how love takes different shapes but at the end of the day it’s still LOVE. The more life challenges us the more i see the truth in your actions the more i respect trust and love u. I know i haven’t been easy but thank u for loving me anyway., love you for life. Happy bday... Always Skitty lil black boy

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Another fan described the love shared between the separated couple as "Awesome" while one thanked Wayan for "being a man that can fully appreciate a woman"

One fan expressed discomfort concerning the praises Marlon showered his ex, Angelica, in the post, taking note of the fact that the two of them were no longer together. To this, one other fan of the "Naked" actor replied,

 "you don't have to be married to appreciate and love someone like that."

This is not the first time that the actor would sing praises of the mother of his children. A couple of years back, Marlon jumped on Instagram to write a similarly moving tribute to Zackary. 

In the caption, he made reference to Angelica's late father and Marlon's promise that he would take care of Ang.  Despite them not being together, Wayan assured her with the same words he gave her father on his passing, "i got you".

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Happy birthday 🎂 to this wonderful soul. God is good to have blessed my life with you. So sweet so real so smart. You made me two beautiful children and in spite of all my fuck ups you remain in my life as one of my best friends. Love bends and has not broken. What a strong woman you are. Beautiful black woman that is quick to announce her asian heritage and quicker to defend her strong African roots. Thank u for the occasional home cooked meals it’s hard out there in them streets. Thank you for your two hour prayers, i think they’re working. Thank you for keeping God first and teaching our children right from wrong as well as how to have self respect, dignity, humility and at the same time not to be anybody’s door mat. Thank u for your quiet resilience and support. I couldn’t achieve half of what i have without you allowing me the creative space to do so. I’m thankful for all the years we spent together but I’m more thankful for this beautiful friendship and this weird obtuse beautiful family that we have. When your daddy passed i rubbed his chest looked him in the eye and whispered in his ear “i got you”. He passed me his most prized possession to care for. And with honor and pride i do it. As long as I’m on this earth “i got you”. This relationship has taught me that it’s not about sex it’s just about LOVE. The unconditional, the acceptance. Finding a pocket where you can feel safe protected and love someone freely. I’m blessed to have you in all these shapes of water. Have a happy birthday baby. I hope you smile all your life. My ex wife, my children’s mother, my sister, my friend, my family... i just love you girl.

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The couple started dating in 1992 and split up in 2013, and they never got married. They share two kids together, Amai and Shawn. 

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