David Rogers, 1994 NASCAR Whelen All-American Series Champion, Dies at 64

The death of the NASCAR Racing icon, David Rogers, has been announced. He died at the age of 64 after a battle with lymphatic cancer. 

David Rogers, who is revered for being one of NASCAR's most iconic drivers, struggled with lymphatic cancer in the last stages of his life, leading to his readmission to the hospital on Saturday night. 

The driver faced complications from the diseases, and his readmission on Saturday was a result of concerns after the results of a blood test on 26th February. He, however, died on Sunday. 

Nascar Driver, David Rogers, during one of his races | Photo: Twitter/ecanfield17

Nascar Driver, David Rogers, during one of his races | Photo: Twitter/ecanfield17

Tributes are already pouring forth in honor of the late Rogers, by those who were close to him, and who testify to his many virtues. 

One of those persons is Matt Weaver, who is an Associate Motorsports editor for Autoweek USA, and Autoweek Racing. In a tweet, Matt shared a photo of himself interviewing Rogers, and wrote:

"David Rogers was as classy and professional as he was competitive and successful. Even though his heyday had passed by the time I started covering him, I was immediately moved by the reverence given to him."

Matt concluded his tweet by adding that Rogers was a definition racer in every sense of the word. David Rogers holds the record for having the most appearances for NASCAR and Snowball derby. 

He recently returned to active racing competition in December, after battling cancer for a year, and going for multiple chemotherapy rounds.

His return was to break a record for the most starts in a short tracking race, a feat he always wanted to achieve, and eventually did. 

Rest in Peace, Rogers!

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