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Mandy Moore, Shane West & Rest of 'Walk to Remember' Cast 18 Years after the Movie's Premiere

Pedro Marrero
Mar 15, 2020
07:39 A.M.
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Based on the Nicholas Sparks novel of the same name, the coming-of-age drama film addressed the subject of unconditional love between two lovers in an almost Shakespearean way, resulting in an unforgettable movie.


Both a successful pop singer and a celebrated Hollywood actress, “A Walk to Remember” female lead Mandy Moore is having a great moment, starring in the hit series “This is Us” and about to release her new album “Silver Landings.”


In 2019, Moore’s co-star Shane West showed how close he still is to the actress by accompanying her to receive her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. On that occasion, he attributed the success of the film to the immediate liking the two took to each other.

But besides the two onscreen starcrossed lovers, “A Walk to Remember” featured a brilliant ensemble cast that gave this story the performances it deserved, forever stealing our hearts.


The 35-year-old actress played Jamie Sullivan, a model high school student that is secretly battling a terminal disease when she allows Landon Carter in her heart.


Actress Mandy Moore attending the Los Angeles Confidential Magazine Impact Awards in Los Angeles, California. I Image: Getty Images.

Moore has continued to work as a singer and actress, starring in films like “How to Deal” (2003), “Chasing Liberty” (2004), “Romance & Cigarettes” (2005), “License to Wed” (2007), and “Love, Wedding, Marriage” (2011).


On the small screen, Moore recently found great success starring in the series “This Is Us” (2016-2020), which earned her a Golden Globe nomination in 2017.


The 41-year-old actor played Landon Carter, a popular and rebellious high school senior that falls for Jamie Sullivan despite his promise not to do so.

Actor Shane West discussing “Awakening The Zodiac” in New York City in 2017. I Image: Getty Images.


West went on to star in TV series like “ER” (2004-2005), “Nikita” (2010-2013), “Salem” (2014-2017) and “Gotham” (2019), and some of his film credits include “The Elder Son” (2006), “The Lodger” (2009), and “Awakening the Zodiac” (2017).


The 78-year-old actor played Reverend Sullivan, the local minister, and Jamie Sullivan’s father.


Coyote has since starred in films like “Written in Blood” (2003), “Deepwater” (2005), “A Little Trip to Heaven” (2005), “All Roads Lead Home” (2008), “Di Di Hollywood” (2010), “The Gundown” (2011), “No Deposit” (2015), and “The Etruscan Smile” (2018).

On the small screen, the actor has also starred in the series “The Inside” (2005-2006), “Commander in Chief” (2005-2006), “The 4400” (2004-2006), and “Law & Order: Los Angeles” (2010-2011).


The 59-year-old actress played Cynthia Carter, Landon Carter’s mother.

Actress Daryl Hannah attending the 2012 Environmental Awards in Burbank, California in 2012. I Image: Getty Images.


Hannah continued her already successful and prolific career with films like “The Big Empty” (2003), “The Job” (2003), “Kill Bill: Vol. 1” (2003), “Kill Bill: Vol. 2” (2004), “Vice” (2008), “The Hot Flashes” (2013), “The Slider” (2017), and “Undateable John” (2019).

Most recently, the “Blade Runner” actress starred in the Sci-fi/mystery TV series “Sense8” (2015-2018).


The 41-year-old actress played Belinda, Landon Carter’s ex-girlfriend.


German later found success as a TV actress, with regular roles in series like “Hawaii Five-0” (2011-2012),“Chicago Fire” (2012-2015), and “Lucifer” (2015-2020).

On the big screen, she has starred in “Piggy Banks” (2005), “You Are Here” (2007), “Love and Mary” (2007), “Mating Dance” (2008), and “Dark Country” (2009).


The 41-year-old actor played Dean, one of Landon Carter’s high school friends.

Actor Clayne Crawford attending Imagine Dragons’ fifth annual Tyler Robinson Foundation Rise Up Gala in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2018. I Image: Getty Images.


Crawford went on to star in films like “A Love Song For Bobby Long” (2004), “False Prophets” (2006), “Walk the Talk” (2007), “The Donner Party” (2009), “The Perfect Host” (2010), “Kingshighway” (2010), and “The Killing of Two Lovers” (2020).

The actor has also starred in the TV series “Rectify” (2013-2016) and “Lethal Weapon” (2016-2018).


The 35-year-old actress played Tracie, one of the popular girls at Beaufort High School.

Actress Paz de la Huerta attending an introduction to HEAVEN 2016 in Los Angeles, California, in 2015. I Image: Getty Images.

De la Huerta went on to appear in films like “Bringing Rain” (2003), “Homework” (2004), “Fierce People” (2005), “Choke” (2008), “Enter the Void” (2009), “The Girl Is in Trouble” (2015), and “Streets of East L.A.” (2016).

She also starred in the HBO crime series “Boardwalk Empire” (2010-2011), playing Lucy Danziger, and earning a Screen Actors Guild award in 2011.