Naomi Campbell Wears Protective Gloves While Bonding with Godson and Reflects on Her Life Amid Coronavirus Threat

The coronavirus crisis is affecting us all, including the rich and famous, who have seen their busy and active lives interrupted by the isolating measures to keep the disease under control, and the model is no exception.

As Americans, like people around the world, retreat to their homes and try to practice as much social distancing as possible to try to flatten the curve of the covid-19 contagion, celebrities share what the experience is like for them. 

On March 15, 49-year-old model and actress Naomi Campbell spent a very unusual Sunday out in the New York City piers, reflecting on this forceful interruption of the normal course of life.


Taking to her Instagram account to share a slideshow of three photos from her recent stroll with her baby godson Kai, Campbell used the post’s caption to share her impressions and introspections regarding this exceptional moment.

Campbell admitted how strange it felt for her to suddenly have so much free time on her hands, and as much as she fears and laments the difficult situation the human civilization is facing right now, she is trying to make the most out of it.

“As my heart remains with the lives around the globe that are severely affected right now, I am finding my own world somewhat unfamiliar.  During the past few days I’ve spent much time at home isolated with loved ones.”

-Naomi Campbell, Instagram, March 15, 2020.

Amid the uncertainty about how long the coronavirus threat will have us locked down, Campbell took refuge in living the present fully and focusing on the simple things. 

“We must learn to educate our hearts and minds to create value in every moment,” the veteran top model concluded about the current situation, and she finished the post with an encouraging message for all her fellow humans.

“Hope you’re all staying strong, united and positive as much as you can out there. Hold on, we will get through this. With love, Naomi,” Campbell wrote.


While some of the measures taken to fight the coronavirus pandemic inside and outside the US might result extreme and new for a lot of people, Naomi has long been known as a radical hygiene enthusiast, and now she seems to be ready to resist this outbreak better than anyone.

Back in July 2019, months before we learned about the coronavirus outbreak in China, Campbell proved to be a visionary when it comes to keeping herself safe from disease while traveling on a plane.

Her airplane seat and surroundings cleaning routine before taking a flight (including a hand-washed seat towel) was seen by more than two million people, and now, it seems more relevant than ever.

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