March 20, 2020

Suzanne Somers Talks about Her Romantic Life with Husband Alan Hamel & Says There Are No Moody Days

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72-year-old actress Suzanne Somers has been talking about her 42-year marriage to husband Alan Hamel. She describes a genuinely happy picture that many people desire.

Suzanne and her husband Alan Hamel have been married for over four decades, but they still share a blissful love, like newlyweds.

The veteran actress and her 83-year-old hubby began dating 51 years ago, and through the course of their journey together, they have enjoyed much success in their careers.

Suzanne Somers visits the SiriusXM Studios on November 15, 2017, in New York City. | Photo: Getty Images.


Somers enjoyed great success on hit TV shows "Three's Company" and "Step by Step," be for building a successful lifestyle and fitness empire. 

Her husband Alan Hamel, former TV executive, now works with Somer on her brand. The couple has undoubtedly paid their dues over the years, and Somers says they are "content together." Also, she tells People,

"I've never enjoyed anybody in my whole life the way I enjoy Al."


The iconic actress also said that they are happy with where they are right now and make sure they enjoy every activity together — emphasizing that theirs is not an "old people" romance but a "cool" one.

Suzanne Somers made headlines last year when she revealed that she and Alan regularly made love twice a day.

Interestingly, the couple has not spent a night away from each other. 


Fans are genuinely amazed as to how the businesswoman has been able to manage her busy work schedules while still keeping things happy on the home front.

When speaking with Page Six about the secrets of the longevity of her marriage with Hamel, the star attributed it to togetherness and maybe some tequila. Somers also said:

"We've never spent one night apart. He makes me feel beautiful. He brings me morning coffee. I wake up to him, kissing me..."


Last year, the fitness specialist celebrated her 73rd birthday and shared a topless photo of herself, which immediately went viral. Guess who was behind the camera? Alan!

The couple has managed to keep the spark in their marriage, and Sommers believes having date nights is very important in any relationship.

Interestingly, the couple has not spent a night away from each other in over 37 years. Somers, who is ageing beautifully, has been sharing healthy, eco-friendly lifestyle tips through her best selling workout routines, organic line of skincare and food items and health books.