Jennifer Hudson Tries to Do Push-Ups in Cute Outfit as She Does New Challenge in Video

Jennifer Hudson accepted social media's latest push-up challenge and did it wearing a cute outfit before she enlisted a friend for some help with the challenge.

Jennifer Hudson looked cozy in a matching fleece jacket and sweat pants as he attempted to do the push-up challenge. In her caption, she admitted:

"Yal and those push-up challenge! This is not my thing but I love yal and just know u will always see me try!"

Getting down to her knees, Hudson was still very reluctant about doing the challenge in the first video she shared. She eventually gave up after one attempt.

However, still wanting to complete the challenge, she assigned her friend to do the job. She stood to the side with her cell-phone facing a mirror as she counted on. One fan found some humor in her failed attempt.

A fan commented on a video of Jennifer Hudson attempting to do the push-up challenge | Source:

A fan commented on a video of Jennifer Hudson attempting to do the push-up challenge | Source:

Jennifer was assigned to the challenge by friend and gospel singer, Tasha Cobbs. She shared a video of her attempt at the challenge, and unlike Hudson, Tasha was dressed for a workout in a t-shirt and sweat pants. In her caption, she encouraged people saying:

"I did it! Now I challenge YOU!!!! Yes you!!!! Just celebrate people!!! All fun and games! Ya'all wear me OUT!!)"

Push-ups are probably not Jennifer's forte, despite the fact that the "American Idols" alum famously lost 80 pounds. It is reported, she is not a fan of working out, so she sticks to a strict diet.

The Oscar winner admitted that it took her realizing that her food restrictions were not healthy for her to choose the right diet. Instead, she sticks to portion control, which still allows her to eat many of the foods she loves.

Jennifer is preparing for her starring role in the biopic about Aretha Franklin's life that is titled, "Respect." She has been sharing many behind the scenes moments from the set.

It is reported, before her death, Aretha hand-picked her for the role. Something Jennifer said made her feel overwhelmed every time she thought about how she was chosen by the legend herself.

Hudson stars alongside Marlon Wayans, who plays the role of Aretha's first husband, Ted White. The two have shared a few pictures of them getting cozy together on Marlon's Instagram page. But it appears to be part of their movie preparations.

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