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Fran Drescher Announces That 'The Nanny' Is Now Available for Streaming on Roku

Pedro Marrero
Mar 28, 2020
12:00 A.M.
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The sitcom star managed to put her most famous series out in a streaming platform just in time for her loyal fans to enjoy it during the remaining days of recommended social distancing.


The afternoon of March 24, 2020, 62-year-old actress and producer Fran Drescher announced that the series that turned her into a star in the 1990s was finally going to be available, at least partially, in a streaming platform.

Thus, “The Nanny” (1993-1999), joins its fellow hit series of its era like “Cheers,” “Friends,” “Frasier,” and “Full House,” all already available online in some form.

The series star had a sweet way to first tease and then confirm that the first two seasons of “The Nanny” will be available for streaming on the Roku Channel, making the announcement via Twitter and adding a picture of her and her dog.


“Petah said the first two seasons is on Roko (sic) that’s what I found out for those who want to watch in streaming format,” Drescher revealed in the tweet.


Hours later, Drescher responded to a fan of the show that expressed her wish to be able to watch “The Nanny” on streaming to pass the time during self-quarantine, as we all join efforts to flatten the curve off the coronavirus pandemic spread.

The news arrives more than 20 years after the series original run ended, and Drescher, who not only starred but also created the show back in the day alongside producer Peter March Jacobson, has many plans to keep expanding the franchise.



First, there is the long-rumored reboot of the original series, which fans have been dreaming of and Drescher has also been teasing for years now.

In 2019, the possibility of rebooting the series with Drescher collaborating with singer Cardi B made headlines for some time, but while stars have said to be willing to do it, nothing has been confirmed on that respect.


But even if we get to watch a new “Nanny” related show created by Drescher, we better not expect a sequel of the original story, because the actress has advanced that she want to create something completely different.

"We would have to write it for somebody else, which I would be excited to do actually.I could play Sylvia, the mom. And John Leguizamo could play [Fran’s dad], Morty,” Drescher told ET Online in September.


“So, you know, we'll see. There's a lot of opportunities to do something fantastic with it and bring it right into the 21st century," Drescher added.


While the plans for a reboot of “The Nanny” apparently still need some more time in the oven to materialize, but a Broadway version of the series is actually on the works already.

Titled “The Nanny: A New Musical,” the stage musical will be written by Rachel Bloom and Adam Schlesinger and directed by Marc Bruni, and the cast is yet to be chosen.

“Of course I would do it myself, but we’d have to change the title to ‘The Granny,’” Drescher joked about her not starring in the stage production. 


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