Nashville 21-Year-Old Who Scoffed at Social Distancing Directive on Social Media Gets Coronavirus

Odette Odendaal
Mar 28, 2020
09:00 A.M.
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A 21-year-old woman changed her stance on social isolation when she got diagnosed with COVID-19, mere days after boasting that she won't, all the while ignoring regulations set out by the authorities. 


Ireland Tate from Nashville, Tennessee, reportedly didn't take social distancing seriously, even though she knew everyone is "supposed to be self-quarantining." 

In a cheerful video Ireland posted days before her positive diagnosis, she said, "Cool. I get it. I just don't think that I'm going to get the virus."


Despite calls from city leaders for gatherings of no more than ten people, Ireland and all twenty of her friends continued spending time together at a friend's house. 

Dr. James Hildreth is part of Nashville's Coronavirus Task Force, and said that young people tend not to take the disease seriously, adding:

“There are still those who only believe that the virus affects those who are elderly and with underlying conditions. That’s clearly not the case."


It turns out that Ireland caught the virus from a friend during one of their gatherings, and she later described feeling like "someone is sitting on [her] chest." Ireland's symptoms also included coughing until her throat "bled," and finding it hard to breathe.

Ireland agreed with Dr. James' assessment when she said that "kids" are not "taking it seriously," and according to Dr. Shindana Feagins, that attitude can be lethal. 


Dr. Feagins specializes in internal medicine, and she explained that younger people might not even notice if they have contracted the virus - seeing that they experience a range between no to mild symptoms. 

So feeling fine, the younger people continue spending time together, unknowingly passing the virus along, which in turn pass it on to someone else - who could be at high risk and vulnerable. 


The UK aims to put a stop to those willfully ignoring the discouragement of large gatherings by having the legislative rights to enforce social distancing. 

BBC reported on Monday that First Minister Arlene Foster said a "wave of deaths" will befall Northern Ireland if people don't work together and do their part in making sure the virus doesn't spread.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the new lockdown regulations on Monday evening. He reportedly said that people are only allowed to leave their homes to shop for necessities, for medical needs, for daily exercise, and essential traveling to and from work. 

Prime Minister Boris Johnson addressing the nation from 10 Downing Street, London, as he placed the UK on lockdown as the Government seeks to stop the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). | Source: Getty Images.

However, the Prime Minister is also the latest public figure of state to test positive for the COVID-19 coronavirus. 

During a short clip wherein Boris announced his diagnosis, he assured of his confidence at beating the virus. The Prime Minister said that he developed "mild symptoms," which includes cough and fever. 


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