People: Woman Declined Offer to See Dying Husband to Save Masks for Health Workers, Nurse Says

An ICU nurse recently recounted an emotional event at the hospital, where the wife of one of the dying patients declined the offer to see her sick husband to preserve the limited amount of masks for the health workers.

A 26-year-old ICU nurse at Ochsner Medical Center in New Orleans, Blaire Guidry, is witnessing the effect of the coronavirus pandemic on patients and their families. 

Coronavirus quarantine sign | Photo: Pixabay/Alexey_Hulsov

Coronavirus quarantine sign | Photo: Pixabay/Alexey_Hulsov

She recounted her recent encounter with the spouse of a dying patient, to People. The nurse mentioned that the wife of one of their patients in critical condition turned down the offer to see her husband, and she did so in support of the health workers at the hospital. 

Guidry explained that the wife of the patient in question was entirely within her rights to visit her husband as he was approaching the critical stage of the virus, and it was a protocol that the families of dying patients were allowed to visit. She said, 

"she knew she would have to be masked if she came, and she didn't want to take away a mask, knowing how much we need that equipment."

The gesture evoked emotional responses from the nurse who said that she's been crying every day despite that she doesn't consider herself a crier.

The patient who's an older man happens to be Gruidy's first COVID-19 patient in this hospital, which has experienced an increase in the number of patients tested positive to the virus.

Blaire further mentioned that her unit had recorded the highest mortality rate, and it has been a heart-breaking experience for patients, health workers, and families of the patients. This follows the nationwide order for everyone to stay safe at home due to the coronavirus pandemic.

She also commented on the hospital's shortage of supply, which has been making caregivers of the affected patient's re-use and re-wear their protective masks and gowns.

A woman awaits treatment at a clinic. | Source: Pexel

A woman awaits treatment at a clinic. | Source: Pexel

One other nurse who witnessed a different emotionally compelling situation from a loved one of a patient dying from the virus, also broke down in tears at the happening. 

38-year-old nurse Carloann Gann who recently passed away from COVID-19 was allowed one last Facetime call with her daughter with the help of her fellow nurse. 

The daughter, Michelle Bennett of the deceased expressed her gratitude to the nurse who helped her have one last talk with her mother before she passed.

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