SNL Star Michael Che Reveals His Grandma Died Alone from Coronavirus in a Heartbreaking Post

Michael Che is mourning the loss of his beloved grandmother, after she passed away due to complications from the Coronavirus or COVID-19. 

Coronavirus is a highly-contagious disease that has a much higher mortality rate for the older generation. Unfortunately for Michael, his grandmother was one of those to succumb to the complications brought about by the virus. 

He claims he is frustrated because there's still a lot that has to be discovered and learned about the virus.


The "Saturday Night Live" star revealed his feelings about his grandmother's death on Instagram, and how the complex feelings of losing someone dear is scary. 

"I'm doing ok, considering. I'm obviously very hurt and angry that she had to go through all that pain alone, but I'm also happy that she's not in pain anymore."


While Che is happy that his grandmother no longer has to suffer any pain, he revealed that feeling happy despite her death is something that makes him feel guilty. He acknowledged the many feelings he feels just like anybody else who's lost a loved one. 

"I also feel guilty for feeling happy. Basically, the whole gamut of complex feelings everybody else has losing someone very close and special. I'm not unique."


Che went on to discuss his frustrations about the current pandemic, as the world continues to face such uncertain times. According to the "SNL" star, he never knows if he'll lose anyone else to the virus, or if he himself will expire because of it. 

Ultimately, he claimed he is frustrated because there's still a lot that has to be discovered and learned about the virus. He also stressed the importance of living a healthy lifestyle to try and avoid contracting the virus. 


More and more cases of the Coronavirus are being discovered on a daily basis, and it has claimed the lives of thousands around the world. One of those to succumb to the virus is "Star Wars" actor and famed dialect coach, Andrew Jack

Actor and Dialect Coach Andrew Jack in 2011 | Source: Wikimedia Commons

Actor and Dialect Coach Andrew Jack in 2011 | Source: Wikimedia Commons

The 76-year-old passed away in a hospital in Surrey, just outside of London, after developing complications due to COVID-19. He died in isolation as his wife, Paula, was stranded in Australia and could not travel back to be with him. 

Unfortunately, this is the case of many around the world, as patients are forced to battle the illness alone in hopes of not passing it on to anybody else. Families could only hope to give their fallen relatives a proper funeral, which has been highly unlikely due to the virus' high-risk of contagion. 

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