April 20, 2020

Daily Joke: A Woman Goes into Labor during a Power Outage

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An expectant mother goes into labor during a power outage, but with the help of a paramedic and her three-year-old daughter, she was able to give birth.

The innocence of children can be hilarious most times. The naivety and wide-eyed unabashed expressions have a way of leaving one laughing.

A pregnant woman by the window side. | Photo: Getty Images


A little girl who experienced her mother giving birth gave a funny answer when asked what she thought about the process. Here is how it went down.

Due to power outage in the area, only one paramedic could respond to a call out when a pregnant woman had gone into labor and needed urgent attention.

A picture of a male paramedic standing in front of an ambulance. | Photo: Getty Images


On arriving at the woman’s house, the paramedic saw the whole place was in darkness, and he needed to have assistance with the light.

Noticing the woman’s three-year-old daughter in the house also, he asked her to help hold the torch while he helped her mother give birth.


The little girl obliged and held the torch diligently while observing the birth process. The paramedic put all the necessary things in place and asked the woman to push.

Following the paramedic’s instruction, the mother began to push, and little by little, the baby was born. As is the custom of childbirth, the paramedic lifted the newborn by his feet and slapped him on his bottom to make him cry.


After all was done and the paramedic cleaned up, he turned to his little assistant, who was wide-eyed and thanked her for her help in delivering her brother.

Wanting to humor the toddler, the paramedic asked what she had thought of the childbirth process she just witnessed.

Still, in a bit of shock, the girl replied that her brother should not have crawled in there in the first place and asked that the paramedic, please give her brother another smack for what he had done.

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Source: Startsat60