Michelle Obama, Idris Elba and More Celebrities' Houses Hilariously Rated by a Twitter User

During the novel coronavirus pandemic, social media is perhaps used more than ever to communicate,  and one Twitter user turned his favorite pass time into hilarious entertainment for all rating celebrity homes.

Claude Taylor is the first to admit that his new favorite pandemic pass time is anything but "meaningful," but it keeps intrusive negative thoughts at bay. And as it turns out, it does the same for others, as his new "Room Rater" account has gone viral. 

Having opened the account this month, it already amassed over 75,000 followers and counting. The principal is simple - he grades celebrity homes based on screenshots taken during their remote shows from his comical perspective.

Michelle Obama is one celebrity that earned a high score of 9/10 for her "classic," "elegant," and "sophisticated" residence. Deborah Roberts, from ABC News, got the same score for her attention to detail, color, and depth he overall called a "great set up."

Rating in at 8/10 John Krasinski's home impressed with "nice object selection," while actor Idris Elba and his wife Sabrina's reference to "Star Trek" earned them the same rating.

Jimmy Fallon's "hobbit house" made it to 7/10 due to his kids being "adorbs," and financial analyst Michael Campbell earned the same score due to a well-placed teacup.

NBA legend Charles Barkley's home failed to get good ratings due to camera placement issues and, therefore, only received 5/10. 

Due to Vice President Mike Pence's "unimaginative" room, he received one of the lowest scores coming in at 2/10, while the Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie managed to get a rating of zero being advised to repaint the room and make masks out of the drapes behind him.

For those seeking additional ways to keep them entertained and connected to the outside world, joining the TikTok revolution can both keep the blood pumping and give families something fun to do together.

Mark Whalberg, along with his wife and daughter, gave fans a chuckle with their attempts while adding words of encouragement that "we will all get through it."

Some celebrities also give fans the opportunity to learn something new, like the "Midsommar" star Florence Pugh. With time in ample supply, her cooking tutorials on Instagram can help pass hours while being thoroughly entertained.

Respectively, people can also follow Jimmy Fallon and Adam Sandler's lead by cheering others up by composing a song that can be equally as entertaining.

Jimmy Fallon poses during a presentation for the media on April 3, 2017, in Orlando, Florida. | Source: Getty Images.

Jimmy Fallon poses during a presentation for the media on April 3, 2017, in Orlando, Florida. | Source: Getty Images.

While recently appearing with Jimmy Fallon on "The Tonight Show" remotely, the pair debuted their new song "Don't Touch Grandma," wherein they hilariously advocated for social distancing.

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