Tyler Perry's Girlfriend Gelila Bekele Spends Time with Adorable School Kids in a Video

Tyler Perry's girlfriend, Gelila Bekele, shared heart-warming footage with school children she visited while doing charity work with the 'EFC Children's Fund.'

Gelila Bekele is a model who had been dating Tyler Perry since 2009. While her natural beauty is obviously indicated of his attraction to her, the couple shares a deeper connection with their love for philanthropy.

She is also a social activist, humanitarian, author, and documentary filmmaker. Her passion has been advocating for girls' rights and using her work to highlight various issues affecting children in her native country of Ethiopia.

She also works tirelessly with international charities across the world to help disadvantaged communities. Recently, she shared videos of her work with the 'EFC Children's fund.' In her caption, she said:

"Sending love to all the incredible teachers, community leaders, organizations and individuals dedicated to the school system."

The shaky video footage appeared to be taken by one of the children, who could be heard laughing in the background as the child's classmates swarmed him to get in on the shot.

Bekele was pictured sitting on a desk in a classroom, smiling with a group of children, who rushed to her for an embrace as they posed for the camera. One fan praised her for the work she does.

A fan commented on videos of Gelila Bekele sitting in a classroom with children from the 'EFC Children's Fund' | Source: Instagram.com\gelila.bekele

A fan commented on videos of Gelila Bekele sitting in a classroom with children from the 'EFC Children's Fund' | Source: Instagram.com\gelila.bekele

Bekele and Perry's philanthropy is one of the many projects you will find the famously private couple supporting each other.

It's reported, Perry was awarded the "Favourite Humanitarian" at the People's Choice Awards, in 2017. He and Bekele have used their platform to support communities in Atlanta and Ethiopia.

The couple hasn't tied the knot yet, but they have a five-year-old son named Aman. In an interview with PEOPLE, Perry recalled the moment he found he was going to be a father, he revealed:

"I get a FaceTime call and she's holding up the pregnancy stick. I'm like, 'I guess this is happening.'"

While Perry talks openly about his son with Bekele and revealed that he enjoys spending hours watching Nickelodeon's "Paw Patrol," the couple has never revealed a photo of him.

However, Perry admitted to PEOPLE, that his son is a spitting image of himself and when he looks at Aman, it reminds him of his "younger pictures."

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