Bill Cosby Remembers Sammy Davis Jr While Lying in His Cell in a Post

Bill Cosby paid tribute to his late friend Sammy Davis Jr. in honor of the 60th anniversary of his contribution to music and entertainment with a photo for "Flashback Friday."

While serving his three to ten-year sentence for sexual assault, Bill Cosby has been keeping an active presence on social media. 

The disgraced actor has been tweeting and posting on Instagram from his cell updates on his case, media reports, and social commentary about his life.

Recently, he made a rare mention of prersonal life when he celebrated an anniversary in honor of his friend, Sammy Davis Jr., he revealed:

"I'm horizontal in my cell trying to stay safe and healthy. I couldn't help but SMILE because I thought about my good friend Sammy."

Cosby shared a photo for "Flashback Friday" from a television tribute to Davis that aired in 1990. The star-studded event included everyone from Michael Jackson, Mike Tyson, Goldie Hawn to Mike Tyson.

The special celebrated the 60 years of music, dance, and comedy, all attributed to Davis' contribution to the entertainment industry. In his caption, Cosby added, "enjoy laughter is healing and healthy for the soul and spirit."

Sammy Davis Jr. embrace Bill Cosby while sitting backstage in front of a mirror on January 1, 1971, New York City | Source: Images Press/IMAGES/Getty Images

Sammy Davis Jr. embrace Bill Cosby while sitting backstage in front of a mirror on January 1, 1971, New York City | Source: Images Press/IMAGES/Getty Images

The laughter from mingling with A-list stars at exclusive events is a far cry from his life behind bars in a state prison in Collegeville, Pennsylvania.

Cosby's legal troubles started when Andrea Constant; an employee for Temple University, filed a report for sexual assault for an incident that occurred in 2004. 

The case unearthed multiple cases from other women who eventually came forward with their stories. Cosby has been named as the perpetrator by almost 60 accusers.

After his conviction in 2018, he attempted to reduce his sentence by making an appeal in December 2019. It is reported, the Pennsylvania Superior Court rejected his request. 

Amid fears of COVID-19 spreading amongst the prison populations across the country, Cosby has made another appeal for a reprieve. 

USA Today reported, he was not granted early release amongst over 1 500 inmates that have been eligible for a temporary reprieve to live in home confinement because they are considered non-violent people or vulnerable inmates.

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