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Daily Joke: Woman Calls Manager to Complain about Hotel Room

Jaimie-lee Prince
May 07, 2020
01:00 P.M.
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The most bizarre situations tend to bring about the most confusing, and often disturbing, outcomes. Especially when there's little context to work with.


A man and his wife went to another town to attend a large convention. It was the first time the man took along his partner for the work trip.

When the couple arrived at the hotel the event was taking place, they were quickly shown to their room. They rested their bags down and settled in.

"You rest here while I register," said the man. "I'll be back within an hour." He left the wife to take in her new surroundings.

The wife lay down on the bed just as an elevated train passed extremely close to the window. It shook the room so hard she was thrown onto the floor.


A room with a clear sliding door and packed table | Photo: Pixabay


The woman told herself it must have been a freak occurrence. She got onto the bed once more.


Again, a train passed and shook the room so violently, the woman was thrown out of bed.

Now irritated, the woman called the front desk and demanded to speak with the manager. The manager said he'd come right away.

When the woman told him what was happening, the manager was skeptical. The wife insisted she was telling the truth.

"Here, just lie down on this bed and you'll be thrown right to the floor!"

A man and a woman lay in bed | Photo: Pixabay


So the manager lay down next to the woman. Right then, the husband walked in. "What on earth is going on here?" he asked. The manager replied:

"Would you believe I'm waiting for a train?"


A doctor of psychology was making his regular rounds at a mental hospital. He entered a patient's room and saw him sitting on the floor, using the side of his hand to saw at a piece of wood.

There was another patient in the room hanging from the ceiling by his feet. The doctor calmly asked his patient on the ground what he was doing there.


Irritated, the patiently replied: "Don't you clearly see I'm sawing this piece of wood in half?"

The doctor then inquired: "Ok. What about the fellow hanging from the ceiling? What's he up to?"

A hospital room with two beds | Photo: Pixabay


"Oh yea. That's my buddy, but he's a little crazy. He believes he's a light bulb."

The doctor asks: "If you say he's your friend, don't you think you ought to get him to come down before he ends up hurting himself?"

"What? And work in the dark?"


It's two weeks into a high-profile criminal trial for a robbery and people are seated in a courtroom awaiting a verdict.

The judge looks over at the foreman and asks him, "Has the jury reached a verdict in the case?"


"Yes, we most certainly have, your honor," the designated foreman replies loudly.

The symbol of justice | Photo: Pixabay

"Would you please hand it over to me?" the judge says while motioning for the bailiff to go over and retrieve the slip.


After the judge silently reads the verdict to himself, he returns the slip to the bailiff who promptly gives it back to the foreman.

"Please read your verdict to the court," orders the judge.

"We find the defendant Not Guilty of all four counts of bank robbery," declares the foreman.

Cheers of joy sound loudly in the court as the family and friends of the defendant celebrate the win.

The man's attorney, smiling, looks at his client and asks, "So, how do you feel now that it's over?"

Three people hug each other | Photo: Pixabay

The defendant, wearing a confused look on his face, turns to his attorney and says:

"I'm kinda lost here. Does this mean that I have to give all the money back?"

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