May 12, 2020

Keith David of 'Greenleaf' Poses with Beautiful 16-Year-Old Daughter Ruby (Photo)

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At 64, the actor has walked a successful road on both on-screen and voice performance. But receiving nominations and awards has not stopped him from being a lovely and proud parent.

Besides being an actor with a large and awarded repertoire, Keith David is a family man and a proud parent. Taking a look at his Instagram account we can see he is all into his family as much as his fruitful work.


Last month, the comedian took to his social media to share a photo to celebrate the sixteenth birthday of his older daughter, Ruby. In the photo, they are both dressed up next to each other and smiling. Keith, who is wearing an elegant burgundy suit, wrote about his daughter:

“She’s since grown into a wise beyond her years, thoughtful, inquisitive, and vibrant young woman. I’m proud God chose me to be her father..”


Keith has been married twice. His first married Margit Edwards in 1990 and from that relationship they had one son, Owen. After his divorce, he got married for the second time with Dionne Lea Williams, in 2001, together they have two daughters, Ruby and MaeLea.


The “Greenleaf” star is not only a successful on-screen actor, but he is also known for being a great voice actor as well. His Emmy–winning voice-over career includes work such as the narrator of the film “The War”, and characters like Goliath on “Gargoyles”, Al Simmons/Spawn on Spawn, Dr. Facilier in “The Princess and the Frog”, among many others.




 an interview

 he gave recently, talking about the second season of “The Last Kids on Earth” from Atomic Cartoons and Netflix, he talked about some relevant issues on this and other projects. He said about the upcoming series:

“I particularly like smart cartoons and comedy. Some of the ways the characters finesse their way out of situations are just fun and clever. It’s a very smart show and would be a big draw to any adult. It appeals to the kid in all of us,” he said.

Dionne Lea Williams and Keith David at the Center Theatre Group 50th Anniversary Celebration at Ahmanson Theatre on May 20, 2017 in Los Angeles, California. I Image: Getty Images.



One of the most significant roles Keith has developed has been as bishop in the hit Oprah Winfrey’s TV drama series “Greenleaf”. He even has said that it is one of his favorites roles he has done.

Unfortunately for many fans, the show is coming to its fifth and final season premiering next June. The series, which Winfrey produces and acts in, tells the story of the troubled Greenleaf family and their church located in Memphis.

The series has garnered 10 NAACP Image Award nominations and won outstanding drama series in 2020. On an interview, Oprah said about the importance of the church as a symbol in the series

“I thought, a bedrock for storytelling and for sinning and for learning how to forgive and to overcome your flaws and faults and all that. It’s just a beautiful platform” said Oprah.