Tamera Mowry Shares Video of Son Aden Flexing Muscles and Fans Gush over How Handsome He Looks

Tamera Mowry from 'Sister, Sister' shared an adorable video of her son looking grown up as she showed off his muscle while wearing swim shorts.

Tamera Mowry and Adam Housley's children, Aden and Ariah aren't growing up in front of the camera like their famous mother did as a child star on shows like "Sister, Sister" and "Tia and Tamera."

However, their family has let cameras into their home with their YouTube web series titled, "The Housley Life."

Viewers got a look into Tamera's personal life as she films everything from cooking with her children to family fishing trips, a life that her children have adapted well to.

Recently, Aden showed off his witty personality when Tamera shared a video of him displaying his pint-size muscles while wearing swim shorts. In her caption, she gushed over how much he had grown.

The seven-year-old confidently showed off his biceps from all angles as he attempted to give a few stiff flexes for the camera. One fan paid Aden compliment and said, "big muscles."

One person gushed over her family, saying, "you have been blessed with such beautiful children Tamera! God bless you and your beautiful family!" Another fan joked at the prospect of him being a bodybuilder.

A fan commented on a video of Tamera Mowry's son flexing his muscles while dressed on swim shorts | Source: Instagram.com/tameramowrytwo

A fan commented on a video of Tamera Mowry's son flexing his muscles while dressed on swim shorts | Source: Instagram.com/tameramowrytwo

Some fans commented on how cute Aden looked and said he looked a lot like Adam. After the birth of her second Tamera told her co-hosts on the real that she prayed for her daughter would look like her.

She admitted that Aden had taken many of her husband's features and, so during her second pregnancy, she held onto the hope that Ariah would take after her.

Tamera revealed explained that Aden took his father's lighter skin and straight hair, but she hoped her daughter would have brown skin and curly hair she explained:

"I really wanted Ariah to really look like me. Like, everything. Everything. I think she has my skin color and my eye color."

With a daughter that has brown skin and curly hair, Tamera got her wish. However, she probably won't go through the same motions of wanting another look-alike child anytime soon.

It is reported, Tamera admitted that since Ariah and Aden are grown up, she doesn't want to have any more children.

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