May 19, 2020

LeBron James Calls 2020 Graduates Kings and Queens during His Commencement Speech

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Basketball legend, LeBron James, had words of encouragement for the graduating class of 2020 as he celebrated them in a new video.

LeBron James is doing his part in seeing that the graduating class of 2020 feel elated to move into the next chapter despite how schools' calendars have been affected. The Lakers icon commended the newly graduated students in a heart-tugging video on NBC while adding some thoughtful words.

LeBron James during the 2018 NBA Playoffs on May 3, 2018. | Photo: Getty Images



The star athlete stood in his grey suit while his background bore many pictures of graduates across the country. James began by emphasizing the importance of schools and the impact the education sector has had on communities. He said in the clip:

"And now, it is time to go to a new place. It is time to chase every dream. Accept every challenge. Strive for greatness…"


The 35-year-old icon went on as he emphasized the need to always give back to society. LeBron mentioned that although the students will be moving on the high grounds and possibly leaving home, they should not stay too far. He concluded:

"I ask that you make your community your priority. Congratulations, class of 2020. I love all of you."



The NBA MVP's passion for education and children didn't begin with his graduation speech as the "I Promise" docuseries recently showed. In an episode of the series, a LeBron 2018 visit to his alma mater showed him leaving the school's population emotional.

Presently, LeBron James is the youngest NBA star to have peaked at a 30,000 career point.


 gathered the students of St. Vincent-St Mary

, Akron, Ohio, in a room where he addressed and shared his inspirational views with them.

LeBron said:


"I'm thankful for every last one of y'all. You all inspire me to get up every day, be the best role model, the best leader I can be, father, husband, friend."



Lebron James also dubbed "King James" didn't acquire the title by coincidence. The enigmatic champion worked his way up the ladder of success

Lebron started like many other young lads who discovered their basketball dreams in high school. From there, he got enlisted to the NBA. James has played for Cleveland Cavaliers before his ongoing Lakers career.


In the span of his career, the sports mogul has been named NBA's Most Valuable Player four times. He has played for the US national team at the Olympics, where they won gold medals twice.

The star also extends his impact to philanthropy. His charity foundation partnered with the Akron Public school to cater to at-risk children. Presently, LeBron James is the youngest NBA star to have peaked at a 30,000 career point.