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May 30, 2020

Aoki Lee Simmons Calls out Non-Black Friends for Their Silence on George Floyd Case

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Aoki Lee Simmons couldn't help but call out her "non-black friends" for staying silent over the death of George Floyd. 

Many celebrities and public figures have spoken out about the injustice experienced by George Floyd while in the hands of Minneapolis police. Now, Aoki Lee Simmons decided to speak up about the whole ordeal as well, calling out those who have chosen to remain silent over the issue. 

"My non-black friends, I cannot begin to unpack your silence. I am scared of what it will tell me. The things you are here for and the things you are not, what do they say about you?"



Aoki Lee Simmons is disappointed that her friends are not being vocal about the death of George Floyd, the latest victim of police brutality in America. She made sure to let them know that amidst all the chaos happening in response to his death, people notice the silence. 

"I understand now, that you will only interact with the girl you can understand. Because she's just like you, at a good school like you, good family like you. But blackness? I guess that's not like you."

Aoki Lee Simmons speaks at an AT&T Revolt Summit | Source: Getty Images



George Floyd was issuing a check at a local grocery store when the clerk called him in because she felt he was writing a bad check. The 46-year-old was then tackled by police on the road, with an officer's knee on his neck. 

The city's mayor, Jacob Frey, also called for the policeman who killed George Floyd to be arrested, as the killer and other officers involved were only fired from their posts.



Bystanders who tried to reason out with police were not listened to, and Floyd's constant pleas for help were not, too. Ultimately, he passed away at the hands of the police officers. 


Soon after the shocking incident, videos of the brutality he experienced went viral online. It has been causing massive unrest across Minneapolis, as people protested his untimely and uncalled for death. 

In fact, the city's mayor, Jacob Frey, also called for the policeman who killed George Floyd to be arrested, as the killer and other officers involved were only fired from their posts. Protests across the nation also call for the same thing, which has gotten violent and bloody as civilians fight for justice. 


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