Nia Long and Ime Udoka's Son Kez Is Mom's Mini-Me in a Recent Pool Photo

"The Single Moms Club" star, Nia Long, describes her son, Kez Udoka, excitingly as she posts an adorable picture of him in a pool.

Nia Long has a very adorable young son who has a striking resemblance to her. The actress recently shared a photo of him in a pool. It looks like Kez had a refreshing midday swim.

Nia Long at The Critics Choice Association celebration of Black Cinema on December 02, 2019. | Photo:Getty Images

Nia Long at The Critics Choice Association celebration of Black Cinema on December 02, 2019. | Photo:Getty Images

The youngster could be seen smiling while rocking stylish swimwear, including a printed blacktop and neon-colored shorts. His curly brown hair, which was soaked in water, looked beautiful on his head. The photo was captioned with a description of young Kez. Nia wrote:

"He's got the eye of the tiger. ♥️"

The star actress welcomed Kez Sunday Udoka in 2011 with her partner, former NBA basketball player Ime Udoka. The mother of two sparked speculations of her engagement to the sportsman when she was spotted with a diamond ring while she was out with him.

Nia got engaged to Ime in 2015 when Kez was three years old. The duo had been in a relationship for over five years at the time.

Kez is Ime's very first child, but Long has another son, Massai, who was ten years old when her younger son was born. 

Nia Long acted alongside Massai in "The Single Moms Club," in which she had the lead role. Massai played her son in the movie, and she revealed that he had to audition for the part even though Tyler agreed that he play the role without trying out. She said: 

"I said, 'No, no, no, no. I'm not going to be looking like a fool if I get him there, and he's terrible. Let's make him audition..."

Nia knew her son could pull off the role, but she wanted to make sure that he earned it on his own as she wanted him to understand that people get what they want as a result of the work they put in.

While working on getting the role, one of Nia's acting coaches taught Massai, and consequently, he aced the audition. The actress had to work on the production at a time when she was also working on other roles.

However, Nia managed to pull it off because Tyler was willing to operate around her schedule, which made it easier for her.

The star actress was treated very nicely during the filming process, and according to her, everything was spot on.

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