June 21, 2020

Duane 'Dog' Chapman Shares Rare Photo of Teen Son Garry as He Goes Horseback Riding

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Reality television star Duane "Dog" Chapman recently took to social media to share a rare picture of his 19-year-old son, Garry, riding a horse.

Dog reposted a recent photograph of Garry shared on his personal Instagram account. He also added his thoughts via comments.

"Francie and I love you Garry Boy, and we're so proud of you," Dog wrote. Meanwhile, Garry's adorable snap showed him riding a horse and sporting a cowboy hat.

Duane 'Dog' Chapman and Beth Chapman at Hay-Adams Hotel on January 20, 2017 in Washington, DC. | Photo: Getty Images


"No matter how bad things are, just keep going; keep the same past, don't let anything get in your way," the teen wrote. "Speed up when you can but done everything slow down. If you do that, you'll never be stoped. (sic.) "

Dog and his wife Beth, who passed away a year ago, welcomed Garry in 2001, as reported by The Sun. The teen wants to remain behind the scenes, so not as much is known about him.

He didn't even appear on his parents' former hit reality show. Garry lives in Colorado. He's the youngest son of Dog and Beth.


Several months after Beth died in a Honolulu hospital, Garry paid tribute to his late mom. He took to Instagram to share an image of him with his mother. In the caption, Garry conceded that he frequently forgot that she was no longer in his life.

Garry emphasized that his mom just wants him to bear her loss.


In November 2019, Garry shared a group shot of the "Dog the Bounty Hunter" team, as reported by The Blast. In the caption, he said that they "watch out for one another, and motivate each other."

Prior to that photo, Garry posted a video of Beth with a touching caption. He wrote that he now understands why his mom always told him to be strong.


Garry emphasized that his mom just wants him to bear her loss. He concluded his post, expressing how much he loves her.

Earlier this year, Dog wished Garry a happy birthday on Instagram, as reported by PEOPLE. The acclaimed reality star posted the last photo Beth and Garry posed for together before she passed away.

Beth was diagnosed with stage II throat cancer in September 2017. She died on June 26, 2019, at 51 years old. Aside from Garry, Beth and Dog had three other children — Bonnie, Dominic, and Cecily.