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3 Hilarious Jokes about the Life of a Teacher

Odette Odendaal
Jun 29, 2020
03:20 P.M.
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Teachers can surely write volumes about the situations they encounter during their careers. Fairly often, some of those situations can be very humorous, like the following three teachers experienced in today's daily joke.



It's Miss. Talbot's first year as a teacher after she eagerly qualified, but she soon found herself in a sticky situation when her lack of experience had her grasping for ways to explain arithmetic. 

After a few tries, Miss Talbot tried a different approach when she realized the kids still don't understand what she tried to explain. "Johnny, if you found a nickel in the left pocket of your pants and found another one in your right pants pocket, what would you have then?"

Johnny frowned and replied, "The disapproval of my parents because I'd be wearing someone else's pants."


A young child looks at a maths problem written on a blackboard. | Source: Pixabay.


When the music teacher's time came to plead her case, the judge gave her a curious look and asked whether he had seen her somewhere before. 


Delighted at the recognition, thinking that it would help her case, the music teacher replied, "Yes! I gave your son piano lessons last summer." 

The judge then looked at the teacher and said, "Ah, yes, the entire summer. Twenty years!"

A hammer and scales illustrative the judicial system. | Source: Pixabay.



The teachers at an all-girl private school had to come up with a creative solution when several 12year-old girls kept on leaving lipstick marks on their bathroom mirror.

The poor maintenance man scrubbed down mirrors every evening as the girls kept on applying lipstick before kissing the mirror - leaving marks of little lips all over. 

Close up picture of red lipstick. | Source: Pixabay.


Eventually, the principal came up with a genial plan to sort out the mess once and for all. The following day, she called all the girls into the bathroom.

With a serious face, she told them that it's not fair to give their school's custodian so much work and effort as he stood by her side. To drive her point across, she turned to the custodian and asked him to show the kids how much effort goes into cleaning the mirrors.

Lip marks left by lipstick. | Source: Shutterstock.


Without delay, the custodian picked up the long-handled squeegee from the bucket of cleaning supplies, dipped it in the toilet, and wiped until the mirror shined once more. The principal never had issues with lipstick marks again.

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