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June 30, 2020

'Perry Mason' Reboot Drops Episode 2 Showing the Difference From the Original Classic Version

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The HBO reboot of TV miniseries "Perry Mason" is a step away from the previous classic version of the show, and the second episode proves the stark difference.

Based on the novel "Perry Mason" by Erle Stanley Gardner, the TV miniseries premiered on June 21, 2020, on HBO. The show stars Mathew Rhys as the title character and it's executive produced by Robert Downey Jr, Susan Downey, Ron Fitzgerald, amongst others.

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Over the years, the best-selling novel had been adapted into several television and film productions, with its best-known adaptation being the CBS television series "Perry Mason," which aired between 1957 to 1966 and featured Raymond Burr in the title role.

The new HBO reboot of the popular show is premised on the living conditions in Los Angeles during the Great Depression era and follows the rise of a down-on-luck detective to a highly sought after attorney.


Last week's premiere gave viewers a little taste of the action, but episode two highlights the glaring difference from the Raymond Burr-version.

Following the first two episodes, fans have started asking if there will be a second season. While commenting on the issue, Ron Fitzgerald said:

"We wanted to lean into those first books with this season. Should we get a second season, there's so much you can do with the plots in these books."


In the second episode, which builds on the season premiere, Mason tries to piece together an investigation while being haunted by horrific memories of his time in the war. 

Several flashbacks in the episode take viewers back to Mason's haunting past during World War I, where several difficult decisions confront the one-time soldier.

During the premiere of "Perry Mason" last week, the reboot of the classic series drew over 1.7 million viewers.


As the episode draws to a close, Mason slips into one of such flashbacks where he is forced to put several of his men out of their misery rather than let them die slowly and painfully due to their injuries. As Mason, pulls the trigger on a particular soldier who is clearly yet to come to terms with his impending fate, he says:

"Forgive me."

During the premiere of "Perry Mason" last week, the reboot of the classic series drew over 1.7 million viewers, making it HBO's strongest debut for any series in nearly two years.


The figures trump viewing statistics from the network's other shows over the last two years, including the season-opening of "Watchmen," which attracted 1.5 million views. 

With the interesting stats from the first two episodes of "Perry Mason," industry experts are already predicting that the show may come close to the 2.2 million viewers that watched the finale of Ben Mendelsohn and Cynthia Erivo Stephen King version.

The third chapter of the series will air on HBO next week Monday, and viewers are already looking forward to another nail-biting experience.