Daily Joke: A Husband and Wife Walk into a Dentist’s Office

Odette Odendaal
Jul 07, 2020
07:40 A.M.
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A dentist office is not a very well-liked place among children and adults alike. Most of the time that includes the person there to support the unwilling patient, as seen in today's hilarious daily joke.


Roberto had to get to the dentist office. Already late, he knew that an earful from his wife awaited him, but he just had to get a document sent to a client before he left the office. 

Frustrated because his secretary had already left and because he was in a hurry, Roberto found himself in front of the machine he never used and spotting one of the other secretaries, he ushered her over for help. 

Illustration of a panic button. | Source: Pixabay.


Sally walked over to Roberto at the shredder, and before she could even greet him, he said, "Listen, this is a very important document, how do I work this thing? I have to get this done before leaving, and I'm already late!"

With a smile, Sally turned the machine on and showed Roberto where to insert the paper and told him to press start when ready. Grateful that things are finally moving along, Roberto thanked Sally as the paper disappeared inside the shredder. 

A woman using a copier. | Source: Pexels.


With equal haste, Roberto rushed into the dentist office twenty minutes later where his wife, Doris, had been waiting for him, somewhat impatiently. But as Doris opened her mouth to begin berating Roberto, they got called into the dentist's office.

Doris didn't give the dentist a chance to get a word in either and demanded that a tooth be pulled as quickly as possible. " Please pull the tooth as is. We don't have time to sit and get comfortable with gas or Novocain and those things. Just pull the tooth."

The dentist looked impressed and said, "You are brave for sure! Can you please show me which tooth needs to be extracted?"


A dentistry chair in a dental office. | Source: Pexels.

"Sure," Doris said before she turned to Roberto. " Dear, open your mouth so the dentist can see which tooth it is?"

Comical situations while at the dentist are plentiful, and they can also pop up while visiting the doctor, as another man found out when he felt unsure about his health.

Wanting to make sure that something terrible wasn't afoot, the man went to see his doctor when his suit no longer fit, even though he didn't gain any weight.