July 14, 2020

Daily Joke: A Woman Stormed up to the Front Desk of a Library

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The importance of context in a situation became very clear to a library assistant and, on another occasion, two friends who shared one too many sips of moonshine in today's daily joke. Enjoy! 


Sandy stormed into the library and ceremoniously plonked books on the library assistant's counter and blurted, "I am not happy about what goes on in this so-called library of yours!" 

Young woman looking for a book to read at the library. | Source: Pixabay.


The assistant's eyes widened, and she asked, concerned, "What's the matter, ma'am?" Red in the face from anger, Sandy continued, "I know a library card is not expensive, but I should at least be able to take out a book that is legible!" 

Confused, the assistant asked what's wrong, and Sandy explained that the book had no plot and that it featured way too many characters to even make any sense. 

Suddenly a smile broke out on the assistant's face, and she said, "Ah! Now we know who it is that accidentally took our phone book!"

The inside of a student library. | Source: Pixabay.



Brandon and Brody parked at their usual spot overlooking their small town one evening while drinking moonshine when matters got out of hand after they heard tapping on the truck's window.

The two longtime friends looked at each other, and Brody ventured, "Brandon, I think a ghost just tapped on the window!" At first, Brandon wanted to dismiss the sound, but then they heard the tapping again.

Without delay, Brandon started the truck and floored the gas to get as far away from this ghost as quickly as possible, but every few seconds, the tapping repeated. "Go faster! We are not losing the ghost!" Brody urged Brandon on. 


A concealed jar containing alcohol. | Source: Pixabay.

Eventually, Brandon was close to panicking and the truck couldn't go any faster. Still, they just couldn't seem to shake the ghost. But then Brody decided to roll down the window, and as he did, a voice said:


"Hey, guys! Do you need help getting out of the mud?"

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