July 25, 2020

Daily Joke: An Old Dog Wandered into a Yard

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An old dog wandered into a man’s yard and started a routine of napping in the man’s house every day until the house owner finally figured out where the dog came from.

An old dog wandered into a yard one day, looking very tired. The owner of the yard noticed that the dog was wearing a collar and had a well-fed belly, so he assumed that the dog was from a home.

A photo of a man smiling and holding his dog and his phone. | Photo: Getty Images


Still, the owner let the dog follow him into his house, led it down the hall, and finally into the lounge room. Before he knew it, the tired-looking canine was out like a light, sleeping on the couch.

After an hour of rest, the dog sprang up and padded softly to the door of the house. The owner opened the door and let it out.

Man with his dog in the forest. | Photo: Pexels


The next day, the house owner was surprised to find that his new friend had returned. The dog followed him into the house to resume his position on the couch and slept for about an hour too.

This silent relationship continued for several weeks. The dog would leave after napping for an hour on his couch, return the next day and repeat the whole routine, leaving the owner wondering what was really going on.

Photo of a dog barking. | Photo: Pexels


One day, after several consecutive visits from the dog, the owner of the house decided to find out who owned the dog and why it felt the need to come to his house every day for a nap.

The next day, the dog arrived as it always did, took its nap, and was set to leave after an hour. The homeowner pinned a note to its collar, which read:

“Every afternoon, your dog comes to my house to sleep for an hour.”

A resting dog | Photo: Pixabay


The next day when the dog returned, it had another note pinned to its collar, which responded to the man’s note. The response read:

“He lives in a home with four kids. He’s only trying to catch up on all the sleep he has lost. Can I please come with him tomorrow?”

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Source: Startsat60