Adele Shows Fantastic Results of Her Weight Loss in Tribute to Beyoncé

Rodolfo Vieira
Aug 02, 2020
06:07 P.M.
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Singer Adele just keeps on surprising her fans with her good looks and she recently drew a lot of attention to her new figure through a tribute to Beyoncé.


The 32-year-old artist took to her official Instagram account to praise Beyoncé for her latest achievement, "Black Is King," while wearing the same outfit from the Disney+ film.



In the photo, which has already over 3.5 million likes, Adele can be seen posing in front of her television, where Beyoncé can be spotted donning a skintight Marine Serre Bodysuit.

As for the caption, Adele took the opportunity to thank her fellow singer, whom she addressed as "Queen," for making everyone feel so loved through her art.



It is no secret that the "Hello" singer has always been a fan of the former Destiny's Child member, especially after she dedicated a Grammy Award to her back in 2017.

Adele started losing weight after she cut down drinking and started eating real and whole foods

According to Adele, Beyoncé has been her idol ever since she was 11 years old and that she felt "honored and privileged" to be nominated alongside her.

Adele on the Red Carpet at the 59TH Annual Grammy Awards at the STAPLES Center in Los Angeles, United States | Photo: Phil McCarten/CBS via Getty Images


At the time, the singer explained that she was introduced to Beyoncé's work by some of her friends, who had her listen to Destiny's Child "No, No, No." She added:

"I literally remember so clearly how I felt. I fell in love immediately with her. I was 11 and I’m 28 now, and the way that I felt when I heard ‘No, No, No’ was exactly the same as how I felt when I heard Lemonade last year.”



Honoring Beyoncé through her Instagram post was a fantastic way to show her appreciation for the artist but it was also a great way to allow the world the results of her hard work.

So far, Adele has lost around 100lbs and seems "happier overall" according to a source close to her, and it is visible how more confident she is through the way that she dresses.

It has been reported that Adele started losing weight after she cut down drinking and started eating real and whole foods while working out, which is not easy to do on such a busy schedule.