August 06, 2020

Daily Joke: A Man Lost His Wife in the Supermarket

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At the end of a long and difficult day, a married man faced his greatest challenge of all, but luckily he had a failsafe plan all figured out. Enjoy the hilarious daily joke!

Fred did not look forward to Sunday morning. He gave up his extra hour of sleeping in to explain the beginning of the bible to his grandson. 

While he usually enjoyed spending time with his grandson, the looming obligation combined two things he strongly dislikes. The first is explaining things to others, and the second is giving up his naptime. 

An illustration of an old book. | Source: Pixabay.


Even so, Fred relented and decided to commit with a smile, just for everything to change again. His grandson had gotten hold of the bible in his bookshelf, and as he looked through it, a pressed leaf fell out between the pages. 

Immediately, the boy ran to his grandmother and exclaimed, "Look what I found! It's Adam's suit!" 

Charmed and delighted with her grandson's wit, his Grandmother insisted that they take him to the closest ice cream shop for a treat and quality bonding time. Then matters took a turn for the worst.

The interior of a shopping center. | Source: Pixabay.


Finding shopping utterly boring, Fred had lost track of his wife and grandson. After trying to find them for a few minutes, Fred came up with a better plan. 

Fred let his gaze scan through the crowd in the shop and then picked the prettiest woman he would find. Then he went up to the attractive lady and asked if he could talk with her for a few minutes.

An attractive young woman busy on her cellphone. | Source: Pixabay.


Puzzled at the question, the woman asked why she should oblige, only for Fred to say, "I lost my wife in the crowd, and you can help me find her. When I talk to pretty women, she pops out of nowhere."

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