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August 16, 2020

Derek Hough Hints at Possibility of Returning to 'Dancing with the Stars'

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Dancer, Derek Hough has revealed that he might be returning to "Dancing With the Stars" reality show during a recent interview with Extra TV.

Derek Hough, who was once part of "Dancing with the Stars," has hinted that he might be returning to the show. Hough exited "Dancing With the Stars" four years ago, and during a recent interview with Extra TV, he hinted that he might be considering a return to the ABC show.

When asked if he had plans of going back, Hough explained that he was not sure but would not rule out the possibility of it happening.

Derek Hough on September 14, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. | Photo : Getty Images


According to him, "Dancing with the Stars" launched his career and remained a special show to him. He said:

"I was on that show for 17 seasons….. so I'm incredibly thankful for it."

Hough also expressed his surprise over the exit of his friend, Tom Bergeron, who recently announced his exit as "Dancing with the Stars" co-host.


However, Hough added that despite his surprise, he understood that everyone is trying to move forward and switch things up.

Hough bagged two Emmy Awards for his outstanding performances with his celebrity partners.

Apart from his career, Hough shared some of his quarantine diets and revealed that he has been doing liver cleansing with his girlfriend, Hayley Erbert.


He explained that they had been having a lot of snacks during the quarantine and started liver cleansing after reading about it in a book. Hough added

 "We've been absolutely strict with it, and we feel good. We see a massive change in our bodies and our skin."

Hough also revealed that he and Erbert have been doing a lot of arts and crafts, and even got a new puppy. Hough and Erbert met on "Dancing with the Stars" and even famously danced to Ed Sheeran's "Thinking Out Loud" in 2015.


Although the two have been together for a while, it's hard to tell when they started dating precisely. While some claim their relationship began in 2015, others say it began in 2016.

During his time on "Dancing with the Stars', Hough bagged two Emmy Awards for his outstanding performances with his celebrity partners.


Since his exit from the show, Hough has been involved in many stage productions and television shows, including "World of Dance," where he serves as a judge alongside Ne-Yo and Jennifer Lopez.

In addition to his great success as a dancer and choreographer, Hough also has a successful music career and has recorded several achievements over time. Clearly, this young man is a bundle of many talents!