Daily Joke: A Man Walks into a Pub and Orders Three Pints of Beer

Olowokandi Fiyin
Aug 11, 2020
01:20 P.M.

Today’s #jokeoftheday is about a man who had a weird tradition of ordering three pints of beers whenever he entered a pub.


A man walked into a pub and was approached by the bartender, who asked him what he would love to have. He answered, letting him know he would have three pints of beer.

Attending to his order, the bartender went and returned with three pints of beer, and the man received it, downing each pint alternately with the other two until they were all finished.

A young man drinking beer in the pub. | Photo: Shutterstock.

A young man drinking beer in the pub. | Photo: Shutterstock.

Once he is done, he orders another set of three pints. The bartender notices his weird order and gives him a piece of advice, saying:

“Sir, I know you like them cold. You don’t have to order three at a time. I can keep an eye on it, and when you get low, I’ll bring you a fresh cold one.”

A bartender in apron, holding beer while standing near the bar counter in pub. | Photo: Shutterstock.

A bartender in apron, holding beer while standing near the bar counter in pub. | Photo: Shutterstock.

The man answers him, explaining that his tradition of ordering three pints at once stems from a vow he made to his two brothers living in different countries. According to him, they promised each other always to have a drink every Saturday night and added:

“So right now, my brothers have three pints too, and we’re drinking together.”


The bartender thought the tradition to be a delightful one and adhered to serving the man just what he ordered. Week by week went by, and the man came into the bar and ordered his usual number of drinks. One particular week, he came in and ordered only two drinks.

He finished them and ordered another set of two drinks. Concerned about the deviation from his tradition, the bartender approached the man and said, “I know what your tradition is, and I’d just like to say that I’m sorry that one of your brothers has passed.”

To his surprise, the man replied, “oh, my brothers are fine – I just quit drinking.” Another hilarious joke tells the story of a 70-year-old man who has never been married and finally found love in the arms of a younger woman.


After years of being a bachelor, he spotted a beautiful younger woman one day, and it was love at first sight for him. They immediately got married and embarked on their honeymoon. When they returned, the man’s friend asked him how it went, and he said it was beautiful.

He gushed to his pal how they made love “almost every night” and enjoyed the sun and the sand. His friend then interrupted his story and asked how he managed to make love every night at his age.

The man replies, saying, “Oh, we almost made love on Monday, we almost made love on Tuesday…” Did you enjoy the joke?

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