Sameha Kotb and A.K. Kotb | Source: Instagram.com/hodakotb
Sameha Kotb and A.K. Kotb | Source: Instagram.com/hodakotb

A.K. Kotb Worked as a Fossil Energy specialist - More on Hoda Kotb's Father

Junie Sihlangu
Nov 13, 2023
01:15 P.M.

Hoda Kotb's father, A.K. Kotb, died when she was still in college, but she and her family have never forgotten him. Years later, Hoda received a gift he indirectly passed on to her.


Hoda Kotb's father, Abdel Kader A.K. Kotb was born on May 29, 1932, in Cairo, Egypt, and is one of the co-writers of volume 4 of the book "Who's Who in Technology," which came out in 1986.

According to the research book, he was a Fossil Energy Specialist who worked for Washington's US Department of Energy. The "Today" show co-anchor isn't A.K.'s only child, as the star has two siblings: a brother and a sister.


Although the father's since passed on, Hoda, Hala, and Adel have remained close. The family's celebrity has posted about her siblings on social media, like in October 2022, when she uploaded a picture of Hala sandwiched by her nieces.

In the post's caption, the star wished her sister a happy birthday and revealed how she was "the best aunt and even better sister" before declaring her love. That same year, in November, Hoda shared an Instagram video and a family picture to celebrate Adel's birthday.


At the time, the family was reunited for the holidays, and they were seen embracing each other with joy. Hoda's siblings have always had her back, and she recalled one of these instances in February 2021.

The daughter of the former Professor and Chairman of the Petroleum Energy Department shared how she kept thinking she wouldn't make it through the last six miles when running the Boston Marathon. Seeing his sister struggling, Adel jumped in and ran the last couple of miles alongside Hoda!


The incredible thing about Hoda Kotb's story is that she didn't tell him she couldn't make it; he just "read it" in her eyes! A.K.'s children must make him proud wherever he is; he clearly did something right, raising them to be the fantastic people they are.


How Did Hoda Kotb's Father, A.K. Kotb, Die, and How Has She Honored Him Since?

During Hoda's "Minnie Questions with Minnie Driver" podcast interview, the television personality shared one thing that changed her life. The star recalled being at a Virginia Tech sorority formal trying out, and her brother, who attended the same school, ran in.

The journalist initially thought Adel was crashing their party as he'd once threatened to do. He called her outside and said he needed to talk to her immediately, but Hoda knew something was wrong and demanded he speak up, and that's when Adel told her the shocking news:

"Dad had a heart attack, and he died."

Hoda Kotb and her mother, Sameha Kotb, at the former's book launch party on October 11, 2010, in New York City | Source: Getty Images

Hoda Kotb and her mother, Sameha Kotb, at the former's book launch party on October 11, 2010, in New York City | Source: Getty Images


The siblings drove to Adel's sorority, lay together on his bed, and listened to James Taylor repeatedly. Although they lost him years ago, Hoda still pays tribute to him on Instagram during Father's Day.

The former secretary also shared how the star's father was a "very sweet man."


In 2020, she shared two images of A.K. and her mother and noted that those who missed their fathers on that holiday were not alone, adding: "Here's to the dads in heaven." Two years later, she honored him by sharing one of the pictures of him and his wife and wrote:

"Happy Father's Day, Dad."


In 2023, she reshared one of his parents' photos and wished him a happy day before revealing how she and her two children spoke about him on that particular day. During a May 2018 "Today" show episode, Hoda opened up about a weird incident that occurred that day.

The news anchor noted how she and the team interacted with fans in the plaza daily, but this time, someone had a sign written, "Hoda ask me about the bracelet." Hoda anticipated that the person wanted to talk about Autism or Breast Cancer Awareness bracelets but was surprised when the woman presented her with one that looked familiar.


The stranger named Diane revealed she was A.K.'s secretary 46 years before, and he gave her the bracelet as a gift after visiting Egypt. Ironically, the day before the interaction was Hoda's father's birthday, and she called her mother and siblings to tell them about the bracelet.

Diane, who was in the studio with her daughter, only request in passing over the gift to Hoda was that she had to give it to her daughters one day. A.K.'s former secretary said she was pleased to have been able to give the bracelet to the journalist because it meant a lot to her.

The former secretary also shared how the star's father was a "very sweet man." Hoda thanked Diane for her kindness, admitted that she'd spent time crying upstairs in her office, and revealed the present would be handed to her firstborn daughter, Haley.

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